How jobseekers can increase chances of getting hired in UAE

How jobseekers can increase chances of getting hired in UAE
Candidates should populate their CVs and humanise the content and should not be robotic.

Dubai - Candidates should populate their CVs and humanise the content.

By Waheed Abbas

Published: Sat 17 Aug 2019, 12:00 AM

Last updated: Tue 20 Aug 2019, 3:55 PM

Since the UAE's job market is highly competitive - with people jockeying for position not just locally but also regionally and globally - maintaining proper profiles and populating it to catch the attention of the HR executives is of utmost importance in order to improve chances of getting hired.
There are quite a few job opportunities that have come up in the UAE, recently. 
"The local market is becoming very competitive. We are living in a city which is among the top cities, where people from other parts of the world want to relocate to," says Anas Almarie, an independent career development adviser in Dubai.
"So we are not only competing with people here in the country but in the region and globally also. If you ask any HR executive, they say they receive CVs from every single corner of this world."
Candidates should populate their CVs and humanise the content and should not be robotic, he adds.
"Being a good prospect in the market is like a celebrity; everyone wants to talk to her. Similarly, you should present yourself as good in what you do that most of the companies reach out to you," Almarie said.
"Looking for a job doesn't start when you lose a job, but you have to be always alert building your personal profile and relations with the employers. So looking for a desired job is a non-stop process. We should not look for a job only when we lose it. It is too late for that."
He revealed that another secret sauce to improve chances of getting a job is to use keywords in online profiles, which people use in the industry so that people are easily discoverable.
"No matter how good you are, if you don't have the right skills listed on your profile or the text detailing your profile, no one will find about you. It is like your own Ferrari, but don't have enough money to maintain and run the car, so what is the point of having it? Having an online profile alone is not enough; technically, managing and building content and creating your network is a component you need to think of."
He stressed that the aesthetic look of the profile is as important as engaging with professionals of the field to stay in touch with people in the industry and to know what is happening around you.
"Your profile is a precious thing - think of it as your passport or ID that you share with only those who matter. When you show your CV or LinkedIn profile, you are exposing yourself. It is human psychology that some people don't hire those who have been fired, thinking that they were not productive enough in their previous job. So they prefer hiring someone who is currently employed," he added.
While pointing out common mistakes in profiles, Najat Abdalhadi, senior corporate communication manager for the Mena at LinkedIn, noted that people, surprisingly, don't complete their profiles.
"If you upload a picture, you are nine times more likely to be seen in searches. Also, use keywords, which recruiters look for. So populate your profile with anything you can do because being idle is a big mistake; keep engaged and post content to grab attention of the people," she suggested.
Marwan Al Nemr, public sector director for the Mena at LinkedIn, advised people not to bug HRs time and again once you have reached them for a job. "Commit to your work and people will approach you."

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