Emblem of road safety and quality training

Emblem of road safety and quality training
Khaled Al Mansoori, CEO of EMIRATES driving company

Khaled Al Mansoori, CEO of EMIRATES driving company, has reinvented traditional teaching methods through his vision Khaled Al Mansoori, CEO of Emirates Driving Company, has reinvented traditional teaching methods through his vision

The UAE is home to a myriad of cultures and nationalities that co-exist within an infrastructure incomparable to its international counterparts. To protect the quality of life within the region, it is imperative to uphold the standards of safety through the rules and regulations mandated by the government. According to Khaled Al Mansoori, in a region where benchmarks are set, Emirates Driving Company wanted to follow suit by starting the best practice in the world. The Abu Dhabi-based driving company has been instrumental in reducing road accidents and since its inception has doubled its profits every two years.
Aligned with Abu Dhabi's 2030 vision, Emirates Driving Company is passionate about raising awareness on safety measures. "Our goal is to eliminate road accidents completely through seamless training centred on safety. EDC is built on values of excellence and innovation, in line with the vision of Lieutenant General Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior. When it comes to education, we have set the bar high by raising standards. With over 200 nationalities, Emirates Driving Company has to cater to every student through a comprehensive curriculum, developed by reviewing and incorporating the highest international criteria. We have partnered with the Swedish Road Authority, SWEROAD, as they have the lowest road accidents in the world. Therefore, their approach is ideal in developing our courses," says the CEO.
Diverse education methods 
By 2030, reports have surfaced that Abu Dhabi's population will rise to three million. For Emirates Driving, facilitating an education for new residents is the norm as they have prepared and helped students adapt to the laws and regulations of the region. "Our courses include theory lessons that enable students to discuss their queries with the instructors. In addition, we offer five languages at EDC, which include Malayalam, Pashtu, Urdu, English and Arabic. As a multicultural company, we cater to every nationality, as it is crucial for them to understand the reasoning behind each law, and be prepared to face weather conditions, which are unique to the UAE. We have a fog simulator through which students learn how to control their vehicle in a situation unbeknownst to them. These fundamentals and training help them to understand and have sound knowledge when operating their vehicle on the road. Therefore, our drivers are safe on the road, and this is our mission to be the best in equipping our students with knowledge and inculcating safety in them," he comments.
According to recent statistics provided to Emirates Driving Company by the Abu Dhabi police, their mission to raise awareness regarding safety has made an impact. "Drivers are aware of the importance of safety, not just as a lesson to learn, but as a way of life. They understand the value of training, versus before we redefined teaching methods. Previously, individuals were consulting their friends on how to become better drivers. At EDC, we do not believe driving is visceral, and a vehicle is just a machine. EDC believes that driving is a way of life.
Our responsibility is to preserve and respect the efforts of our government and leaders by protecting our infrastructure taking for the future generations," says Al Mansoori.
Preparing drivers through innovation
Emirates Driving Company understands the challenge drivers face when it comes to adapting to laws and regulations, which are new to them. "It is our job to educate them, and we are passionate about getting the message across to the youth, as they are the future. We reach out to preschools and middle schools to relay the importance of safety measures. It is important for them to know why they have to put their safety belts on and not to litter on the roads, as these small actions can save their lives. We believe in educating children from the start, so it becomes a part of their life and when it is time for them to enrol at a driving education facility, they are already in the right frame of mind."
With innovation leading every industry towards the future, Emirates Driving Company has integrated reforms to reinvent traditional methods. "We are tapping into e-learning, AR and BR technology, which gives the students an opportunity to experience the real situations. EDC wants to incorporate the most advanced technology to help our students. The internet has become a norm of the society. We no longer live in times where using technology is tricky and students have become adept at using the internet. Hence, e-learning is a natural transition for them, as it has become a common practice for schools to use the same technology. However, the challenge, which remains in the age of social media, is the urge to instantly document every moment, and this can be a hazard because the driver can lose focus while driving. It is our responsibility to educate them of the dangers of such frivolous pursuits, which can endanger lives. In order for them to curb their habits, we provide them with seminars, which raise awareness of the repercussion of such actions, so they are aware of how blessed they are to have a life without impairment and value it by being safe," comments the CEO.
Safety is paramount
Emirates Driving Company believes in igniting an awareness from within, "You cannot drill knowledge into people's minds. They need to be genuinely aware and concerned from within. With the right campaigns, we aim to hit a chord with people, and this is a consistent endeavour with every generation. When safety is embedded in the system of education, individuals have a sound understanding of its importance. Furthermore, we also work with corporate clients to educate their fleet drivers. Drivers require certifications and training specific to their vehicle. The same driver who operates a truck cannot operate a different vehicle because the repercussions are not the same. For a company, their drivers are an extension and representation of their brand. Training is not a luxury, it is a necessity, and all drivers need to be certified. There is absolutely no compromise regarding it," says Al Mansoori.
Through his vision, Emirates Driving has become a symbol of excellence in Abu Dhabi, "Being the best is not only about what the statistics show, the culture of the company is what drives our success. We believe in sustaining an environment that is rewarding for our loyal staff and trainers, and their input is valued and integrated in improving our practices to enrich the journey of our students," he concludes.
- Fatima Abbas

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