Digital health services: Just what the doctor ordered

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Digital health services: Just what the doctor ordered
Visitors at Arab Health 2019 at the Dubai World Trade Centre. - Photo by Dhes Handumon

Published: Tue 29 Jan 2019, 5:04 PM

Last updated: Tue 29 Jan 2019, 10:51 PM

The UAE has always been at the forefront in adopting the latest technology and solutions to offer its residents the best in healthcare. This was further affirmed at the 44th edition of Arab Health Exhibition & Congress, the largest healthcare event in the Middle East. More than 84,500 healthcare and trade professionals from 160 countries and 4,150 exhibiting companies from 66 countries are attending the event at the Dubai World Trade Centre. It concludes on January 31. 
The consensus among industry players is that technology is here to disrupt the industry and empower it to give better solutions.
Dr Azad Moopen, founder chairman and managing director of Aster DM Healthcare, said: "Technology plays a pivotal role and it is no more the enabler but a differentiator when it comes to digitisation of healthcare. The uberisation of healthcare will change the landscape and we will soon see the difference in the coming years. It will help shift the present approach of episodic/acute care to proactive intervention and preventative approach which will define the future of healthcare delivery."
Aster DM Healthcare has partnered with Arab Health as a Happiness Partner. It has an exclusive stall wherein through various VR-based activities, the brand is highlighting the importance of good health and happiness.
 "At Aster, innovation is a core focus of our strategy to meet patient needs and make quality care more accessible and affordable. With this thinking, we introduced the Aster Chronic care@home monitoring system for diabetes and hypertension-enabling doctors to keep a regular check on their patients and proactively take measures in case any regular readings show abnormality. Similarly, teleconsulting is another facility that we have developed to allow doctors to consult patients across geographies. Use of robots in advanced surgeries, robotic pharmacy used of advanced technology and equipment like 3D modelling have been introduced within the Aster DM Healthcare network."
Similarly, Zulekha Hospital made various key announcements at Arab Health 2019, including expansion of the Dubai facility, introduction of a robotic pharmacy in the new facility, collaboration with Okadoc and SAP integration for cost optimisation and to be able to deliver the ultimate healthcare patient experiences.
Taher Shams, managing director, Zulekha Healthcare Group, said: "Technology is set to boost the healthcare industry and a good demonstration of the latest advancements is at Arab Health from different healthcare technology providers who have to offer advanced accurate medical equipment to UAE healthcare providers. On the other hand, everyone desires information on their fingertips and access to information on mobile devices. Real-time applications that connect patients to doctors instantly are the latest and simplest perk digital health services providers can offer. Easy access to quality healthcare is the way forward."
Zulekha Healthcare Group is transcending from conventional to cutting-edge operations across all departments to increase productivity. The group's SAP integration drives individual transitions in its people and processes resulting in inclusive progress.
 "We joined hands with Okadoc to provide hassle-free instant appointment booking services for our patients to ease their healing journey. Medical emergencies can strike at any time. The platform will be used for healthcare consultation and treatment services offering hassle-free, instant and real-time booking, rescheduling or cancellation of doctor appointments anytime, anywhere. We are introducing robotic outpatient and in patient pharmacies in the new Dubai facility in order to improve efficiencies in administrative tasks, data collections and customer engagement and faster turnaround," added Shams.
Rajat Karol, general manager, GE Healthcare Digital, Eastern Growth Markets & Africa, said: "Digital technology is enabling transformation in the healthcare sector and the UAE has been an early adopter. This year at Arab Health we are excited to show how data and analytics can help healthcare providers across the country find new, more efficient ways to operate their facilities and equipment, deploy people, treat patients and improve outcomes."
The US-based Humanscale is offering products that adapt technology to caregivers through ergonomic design and innovation. Heather Fennimore, founder, president, Global Healthcare at Humanscale, said: "The UAE is a global leader in healthcare and a pioneer in adopting innovative new systems that benefit both patient and caregiver. The closed loop medication system is one such technological innovation, with its integration of automated and intelligent systems that improve the efficiency of the medication management process directly enhancing patient safety."
Humanscale is currently partnering with BD (Becton Dickinson and Company) and other stakeholders to bring a closed loop medication solution to the UAE market and will soon be installing these systems in a number of healthcare locations around the UAE.
Mohie El Rafey, chief marketing officer, GE Healthcare for Eastern Growth Markets, said: "The UAE has been at the forefront in embracing the most modern technologies for its healthcare sector; a fact that has contributed greatly to its position as a regional hub for world-class healthcare. Access, quality and efficiency in healthcare remain priorities and public and private healthcare providers alike are looking for technologies and solutions that increase capacity, improve productivity and ultimately lead to better patient outcomes."
Recently, Hill-Rom collaborated with Microsoft to make advanced, relevant and actionable point-of-care data and solutions that can be availed by healthcare organisations and caregivers.
Hisham Hout, president, Middle East, Africa, Turkey and Indian Sub-Continent, Hill-Rom, said: "Digital transformation is at the forefront in driving major sectors across the region. Digital health and accessibility are among the key drivers in transforming the UAE healthcare sector. Over the years, technology has proven to be a major gamechanger in enhancing medical services and patient outcomes across the industry. At Hill-Rom, we are regularly engaging with our stakeholders and constantly enhancing and innovating our medical devices, allowing caregivers to have faster access to information they need to help patients and intervene earlier. We expect to see hospitals in the region to reduce and prevent "never events" like pressure, injuries and falls which eventually results in patient-satisfaction and shorter stays at the vicinities."
Microsoft remains to be at the forefront in leading the way through AI-based healthcare systems. Leila Serhan, public sector director, Microsoft Gulf, said: "Healthcare is an industry that touches all of us, given the most basic of human goals: we all want to lead healthy lives. The UAE has always been at the forefront of this effort in the region by bringing in global expertise to the country with focus on empowering patient outcomes. We believe technology will be at the centrestage of this journey. Digital transformation has the power to engage patients and customers, empower care teams and employees, optimise clinical and operational effectiveness, and transform the healthcare sector end-to-end." -


Sandhya D'Mello

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Dr Azad Moopen, founder chairman and managing director of Aster DM Healthcare.
Dr Azad Moopen, founder chairman and managing director of Aster DM Healthcare.
Taher Shams, managing director, Zulekha Healthcare Group.
Taher Shams, managing director, Zulekha Healthcare Group.
Leila Serhan, public sector director, Microsoft Gulf.
Leila Serhan, public sector director, Microsoft Gulf.

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