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Saher Bhatti, Founder of Lawful London
Saher Bhatti, Founder of Lawful London

Lawful London’s handbags have gained a cult-like following among the modern women whose fashion reflect their eco-friendly mission

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By Kushmita Bose

Published: Fri 29 Jul 2022, 9:00 AM

Last updated: Fri 29 Jul 2022, 3:36 PM

Making fashion-concious choices extends way beyond our clothing, shoes and jewellery. Sustainable bag selections are an essential piece of the puzzle, and when we say this, we are not simply talking about substituting plastic shopping bags for canvas totes. With a growing number of alternative materials available, which both look and feel like the real deal, you don't have to compromise on style to make conscious bag selections. Founded by Saher Bhatti, Lawful London provides ethical, simplistic handbags for London's modern woman.

Lawful’s vision is to create handbags that are characterised by the brand’s philosophy of being practically beautiful in every way. Lawful London's first range ‘The Classic Collection’ includes fully functional laptop bags, totes, and backpacks. The first collection has been specifically designed for life in motion, whilst embodying the practically beautiful ethos of the brand.

Whilst working in London as a young city lawyer, Bhatti recognised the need for affordable, practical handbags that reflected the demands of the fast-paced, versatile lifestyle experienced by like-minded women. The search for a handbag that understood the accomplished woman, incorporated her needs and reflected her individuality without compromising on ethics or quality led her to start Lawful London. The brand’s sleek, cruelty-free bags embody the sophistication and compassion of the customer, while also offering thoughtful solutions for her daily needs. Elucidating the idea behind the brand, Bhatti said: “The concept behind Lawful London is to create ‘practically beautiful’ accessories for the modern woman. All Lawful London accessories have minimalist sustainable designs, which can transition seamlessly across your wardrobe to be used for work and weekends. The brand is primarily aimed at women on the go who are looking for a practical handbag, that’s aesthetically pleasing and full of functionality, but also available at an accessible price.”

With consumers becoming increasingly conscious of the way products are made, the rise in sustainable awareness is naturally going to influence brands to produce products in a more ethical and sustainable manner. Talking about the same, Bhatti said: “This relatively new, thoughtful approach to purchasing is now creating a shift in consumer trends with greater interest being on sustainable brands. However, this change in attitude has placed new expectations on the industry as a whole to reflect sustainable practices at all levels in order to remain desirable to the mainstream consumer.”

The consumer journey has changed drastically. They have become more socially conscious and are seeking out brands that align with their values. Consumers are willing to pay extra for brands that do, and for brands that don’t, it's simpler for them to make the switch. So, its highly crucial for brands to stay true to their mission as they grow. Speaking about Lawful’s mission, Bhatti said: “The best way of staying true to the brand’s mission during a period of growth is to always root every decision back to the customer and the brand’s philosophy and purpose. This helps us to remain focused and prevents deviation from the brand’s vision, particularly when testing new marketing techniques or when considering a new product launch. Revisiting our customer, who she is, why she buys from us, what she likes (and dislikes) ensures that we don’t lose sight of our customer’s needs and also helps us to create well informed business decisions as we scale.”

According to Bhatti, small changes can have a big impact. Using sustainable products and re-using bags can make an immense effect for the environment. She explained: “Recycling as much as possible and being less wasteful (avoid buying products that you may only use once or twice) are all ways that we can collectively make a huge environmental impact. Often, there are also a range of options when purchasing a specific item, with some items being sustainably produced, but sometimes a little more expensive — where feasible — purchasing the sustainably produced item over a cheaper alternative would be a simple and helpful way to contribute to the global sustainability initiative.”

With brands recognising the importance of sustainability, Lawful London plans to launch more contemporary styles in the future besides expanding to other countries. Speaking about Lawful’s expansion, Bhatti said: “Future plans involve launching more styles with some specifically designed for larger devices and others for smaller tech gadgets like iPads. We are also considering expansion into the Far East and the US as we have a growing interest in these regions and would love to sell locally in these areas.”

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