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Antonios Karatzis, MD, CEO and President of Karatzis Group, is dedicated to diversifying the group's portfolio. With his efforts, the company leads in most industries it operates in

By Nisthula Nagarajan

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Published: Thu 24 Jun 2021, 9:14 PM

At its inception in 1973, the Karatzis Group of Companies focused on the production and marketing of plastic packaging netting for the agricultural, food and construction sectors. Nearly half a century after continuous innovation and top-quality products, the group has found success on an international scale. The Karatzis Group is a world leader in most industries it operates within and is considered a beacon of reliability and innovation.

A committed member of the group for nearly three decades, Antonios Karatzis has been at the helm of the Karatzis Group as MD, CEO and President since 2009. Karatzis has studied Hospitality Management at the Glion Institute of Higher Education in Switzerland and continues to broaden his knowledge through specialised seminars. 

One of the group's primary ventures is distributing agricultural packaging products in various countries across Europe. To this point, there are several subsidiaries and distribution points spread across two continents, delivering prime quality goods from products for crop yield baling, to packaging solutions for fresh produce to knitted solutions for agriculture, horticulture and construction, coupled with excellent customer service and immediate, effective solutions for its hundreds of clients' needs.

Of these, Karatzis is a Board Member and main shareholder at Meshpack in Germany, Croppy Solutions in Spain, Karatzis Italia, Karatzis Russia, Zeus Agri Packaging Ltd and Sempiternal Ltd. Additionally, he is Chairman and CEO of Antkar; Artemis Real Estate in Greece and Panellenic Airlines, a private aviation company providing chartered flights and luxury travel services in Europe; and Chairman of Plus Pack, a food packaging agent and AK Graff, a retail management company for brands in and out of Greece. The cherry on top is that Karatzis is also an Honorary Consul of the Republic of Korea and Honorary Consul of Belgium in Crete.

In the last 12 years, Karatzis has introduced Karatzis Group to new geographic markets. This expansive growth has come as a direct reflection of his dedication and his mission to preserve his family legacy and support the island of Crete.

Karatzis Group had initially ventured into the hospitality sector in the '80s with Nana Golden Beach, armed with the vision of putting Cretan hospitality on the world map. With Karatzis, the group unveiled a luxury six-star hotel, Nana Princess in 2018, not far from its older sister hotel. Thus, the Nana Hotels chain was inaugurated. 

Nana Princess hosts exclusive clientele who wish to experience the opulence of the Cretan seaside in complete privacy. When creating the concept for the hotel, Karatzis Group sent out a team to combine the very best of the global hospitality sector. The hotel is a beautiful amalgamation of all that was learned to fit the vibe of the island of Crete and the service of a six-star hotel. Today, Nana Princess is one of the most highly rated and sought-after resorts on any travel aggregator.

"We have the most experienced professionals from existing hotels in Europe offering six-star service. Putting them all together under the management of the group to satisfy every wish of our guests, we managed to create a special concept," elucidates Karatzis.

Right from arrival, guests get checked in at their own private couch, not at the reception desk. They are assigned a personal assistant and bell captain who accompany them to their rooms. Every guest receives a pen engraved with their name. Nana Princess' guests have the privilege of choosing from an array of suites and villas of differing sizes to accommodate the demands of every customer.

Currently, the hotel follows Greece's national Covid-19 protocol, hook, line and sinker. The hotel's size lends itself to easy social distancing, ensuring guests' safety and comfort. It has also added its own measures such as disinfecting every guests' luggage on arrival, installing automatic doors wherever possible, hands-free temperature checks at every entry point, highly trained hotel personnel and more. Nana Princess also has a 24-hour in-house doctor, who can be at a guest's room in five minutes and has partnered with a medical centre to provide PCR testing.

And it doesn't stop there - Nana Princess is expanding further. "We are planning to create the 'Towers Club', which will consist of two suites and two villas. It is for large families or those who need total isolation and privacy, enclosed behind a towering gate. Guests will essentially have a mansion all to themselves," said Karatzis. He added that since, historically, bigger villas get booked faster, the number of rooms were brought down from 112 to 102, expanding the smaller ones and enhancing guests' experience.

Karatzis Group at a glance

> 47 years of industrial presence

> 1,000 specialised professionals

> Four branches of activity

> Six production plants in Greece and Germany

> 12 international subsidiaries

> 72-country commercial presence

> Two luxury hotels in Crete

> 13 solar parks

> One wind farm

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