Dubai: Luxury fragrance brand reveals new experience at Mall of the Emirates

The Italian brand, founded in 1983, focuses on beauty and wellness in the post-Covid era


Joydeep Sengupta

Published: Fri 1 Apr 2022, 12:26 PM

Visitors to Mall of the Emirates (MoE) in Dubai had a beautiful sensory experience on Thursday evening following the opening of a Dr Vranjes Firenze’s outlet.

Developed by chemist and accomplished artisan perfumer Dr Paolo Vranjes and his wife Anna Maria, the luxury home fragrance brand Dr Vranjes, Firenze, which was launched in 1983, aims to create the finest fragrances to stimulate the senses and add warmth to any household. Inspired by his artistic home city of Florence and the beautiful landscapes of Tuscany in Italy, Dr Vranjes Firenze blends pure natural ingredients with exquisite essential oils for unique and original olfactory delights. The brand brings a range of reed diffusers, refills and room sprays that provoke an atmosphere and variety of emotions to accompany every living space. The brand is retailed in the region by Kuwait’s M.H. Alshaya Co.

Khaleej Times spoke with Ahmad Hawalah, Business Manager, Dr Vranjes Firenze, about the brand’s growing footprints in the UAE and the wider region in the Middle East.

Edited excerpts from the interview:

When did MH Alshaya Co start retailing Dr Vranjes Firenze’s products in the UAE?

Dr Vranjes Firenzes opened its flagship store in The Dubai Mall in October 2019. This was followed by a store in the Dubai Hills Mall, which opened in February 2022 and the most recent opening at the MoE on Thursday.

The renowned Italian home fragrances brand’s expansion plans remain robust this year, with more openings planned, including in Yas Mall, Abu Dhabi.

Where are the products available? Can consumers buy them online?

You will find Dr Vranjes Firenze stores in The Dubai Mall, the Dubai Hills Mall, and the MoE. You can also find Dr Vranjes Firenze at leading luxury retailers, including Bloomingdales, and

Take us through Dr Vranjes’s Eau de Parfum, scented body care collections, and home fragrances and how they are product differentiators from its nearest competitors.

When you combine innovative and meticulous techniques with massive research and homage to tradition, you get the myriad array of exclusive fragrances available across Dubai at Dr Vranjes Firenze. Relaxing, anti-stress and energizing notes are expertly developed and intended for spaces to allow the person to better enjoy their environment

Each Dr Vranjes Firenze store in the UAE houses a stunning range of products, including home fragrances and candles carefully selected to appeal to regional preferences. Highlighting elements of musk, oud, light florals, and warm spicy notes, ideal for Ramadan, the collection includes best-selling choices such as Oud Nobile and Rosso Nobile as well as Mirra Zafferano, a spicy and intense fragrance, combining myrrh, vanilla, Calabrian bergamot and saffron.

Finished in glass bottles for optimum decadence, Dr Vranjes Firenze home fragrances are the perfect answer to modern living. All Dr Vranjes Firenze fragrances are packaged in beautiful glass bottles and are available in the following sizes: 25ml, 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1250ml, 1.5l, 2.5l and 5l. Each bottle comes with diffusion sticks.

Refills are available in 500ml and 2.5l with diffusion sticks, as well as Lamparfum refills.

The stores in the UAE also house exclusive Eau de Parfum and Scented Body Care collections. These lightweight formulas elevated by incomparable fragrances come in a variety of options including bold Eau de Parfum, hydrating body mists enriched with aloe, fresh and invigorating body washes, and sweet-scented hair mists.

The innovative, recyclable elegant golden aluminium packaging of the sprays and mists and exclusive glass perfume bottle that pays homage to Brunelleschi’s iconic dome adds to the charm.

The collection is available in five of the most beloved Dr Vranjes Firenze fragrances — Peonia Black Jasmine, Milano, Rosso Nobile, Ambra and Ginger Lime.

How do Dr Vranjes Firenze and his team make magic?

Love for beauty and quest for perfection have always been the basis of their philosophy.

They start an incredible, long, and fascinating journey by mixing up to 25 different essential oils. Every time they combine the elements, they must wait one month before having an idea of the final smell. Sometimes this journey can take up to three years (as for , the most appreciated of his creations globally).

His scented creations have the same construction of a personal perfume (head, heart, base notes). What makes the difference in home fragrances is in the percentage of the ingredients: essences, alcohol, and many other components.

How does Dr Paolo Vranjes and his wife Anna Maria’s luxury home fragrance, which is inspired by his home city of Florence and the verdant landscapes of Tuscany in Italy, find resonance in the UAE and the wider region?

Created by Dr Paolo Vranjes and his wife Anna Maria, Dr Vranjes Firenze is inspired by his artistic home city of Florence and the beautiful landscapes of Tuscany in Italy. Founded in Italy in 1983, the brand is the result of Dr Paolo Vranjes’s quest to create the finest fragrances in that iconic bottle inspired by Florence’s Duomo.

These bespoke fragrances stimulate the senses and emotions and add warmth to any household, according to personal taste, season, space, volume, and light. Dr Vranjes Firenze’s fragrances dress spaces like a made-to-measure suit.

The UAE and the wider region are a passionate and enthusiastic market, not to mention one that appreciates the finer things in life. People in the Arabian Gulf love to furnish and scent their lives with original and Florentine scented collections.

Dr Vranjes Firenze’s captivating fragrances are the invisible element that complete and add personality to any space. This Ramadan and beyond they’re inviting you to go on a journey of discovery using their signature scents to uplift your mood, conjure up special memories with family and friends and add a delightful new dimension to your lives.


How does MH Alshaya Co plan to market Dr Vranjes’s products in the UAE and the wider region in the Arabian Gulf?

Our exciting expansion plan in the UAE demonstrates our long-term commitment to the Middle East market. In this post-Covid-19 era, wellness is such an important part of our world now and Dr Vranjes Firenze encourages this by inviting you to treat yourself to moments of undiluted pleasure, wellbeing, and beauty through captivating scents that are one of a kind.


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