11 makeup dos and don'ts for the winter season

Dubai - As the holiday festivities near, it's time to gear up for the new obsessions and current hot favourites in the makeup world

Published: Thu 30 Sep 2021, 6:30 PM

The autumn/winter season is fast approaching and after a year of staying indoors and wearing face masks, it’s finally time to bring back the glam! With holiday festivities right around the corner, expect glossy lips, breathable skin, and warm earth tones to radiate this season.

But it’s not just about looking great, autumn and winter season changes mean you’ll also need to pay more attention to skincare in order to protect your skin from the effects of colder temperatures – think drier skin, chapped lips and even a pale complexion.

Founder of Liht Organics, Nerissa Low, shares some of the do’s and don’ts of A/W makeup, and the looks that are going to be trending this season!

Dos and don’ts for A/W Makeup

Dry and flaky skin are common in the winter season but don’t let that get in the way of your celebrations. Your makeup should be about achieving a supple and dewy complexion while nourishing your skin with the moisture it needs, here’s how:

Don’t Use Powder Formulas

Powder makeup can make the skin look even drier or flaky, and you don’t need more of that during this season. If you can, swap your usual powder-based products for creams with moisturising properties. These winter-friendly alternatives give your skin the much-needed hydration it needs throughout the day and prevents it from becoming dry and flaky.

Top Tip: If you still want to stick with powder, keep a light layer and instead use it to highlight instead of cover!

Do Choose Waterproof Makeup

Just because you won’t be drenched in perspiration like in the summer doesn’t mean you don’t need waterproof makeup in the fall or winter. Especially when it comes to eye make-up, the cold air in the winter can make you teary-eyed and therefore you absolutely need to opt for waterproof and smudge-proof eye liners and mascara during this season. You can also prevent your overall makeup from getting sloppy with waterproof formulas.

Do Moisturise Regularly

Dryness is your skin’s main problem during fall and winter and failing to moisturise can lead to breakouts, damaged skin, or your makeup flaking and becoming patchy. Keep your skin moisturised by choosing base make up products that are made using natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera that help retain moisture, thereby helping you achieve a dewy and glowing complexion effortlessly. Always choose liquid or cream-based formulas for your base make up to give your skin a natural dewy finish.

Don’t Forget to Prep Your Skin

The key to a flawless finish for your makeup is to have a clean, healthy canvas – that means looking after your skin! In the winter, dry skin can lead to build up of dead skin cells, so make sure to include exfoliation as part of your preparation for makeup. Use a natural scrub to wash your face and a light buffing cloth to remove any dead skin before you start applying your makeup for a much more even finish. If you’re worried about exfoliation drying out your skin, try a spray toner as the first moisture barrier, it will also help your makeup sit better on your face.

Do Use Serums

After cleansing your skin use serums that help your skin type. Even in the winter, the change in temperature can cause you to have breakouts so using serums help you penetrate deeper into your skin to keep it healthy, hydrated and protected. You can find formulations that add a vitamin boost, natural dewy glow, or even to deep clean.

Trending Colours for 2021 A/W

Replace summer shades with warmer tones, because autumn and winter are about radiating warmth in a chilly season. This means blushes with earth tones like peaches and bronze to warm up your complexion and accommodate for less sun. Then, when you want to start getting festive, opt for a bold red or rose lip to stand out!

Fall/Winter Makeup Looks to Follow:

Lightweight Breathable Bases

Your calendar will be filled with more social events than awkward zoom meetings and your skin will require products to cover and contour without drying out. This season is about oil-free and lightweight foundations rather than full coverage. Plus, this natural base is perfect for transitioning from day to night without damaging your skin or filling your pores.

Return of the Lipstick

Winter’s gloomy days and cold weather need a splash of colour. With masks covering half of our faces for more than a year now, lipstick is making a comeback. Bring on the glam in an intense shade, whether that’s a vibrant red or a deep burgundy. Whichever shade you choose, check for nourishing formulas with coconut oil and cocoa butter that will keep your lips moist and healthy to prevent dryness or chapping.

Kitten Eyes

Facemasks have pushed the focus on the eyes, and this is expected to continue this fall. We’re switching the traditional smokey eye for the more subtle and chic kitten eye to give your eyes that soft lift while still maintaining that natural vibe.

Loaded Lashes

To give your kitten eye the focus it deserves, the latest trend of loaded lashes really amplifies and elevates your look from day to night. Instead of choosing false lashes which can be damaged in the wind or rain of the season, select a mascara that allows you to build multiple coats without a clumpy effect. They will look much more natural and elegant but still make an impact.

Natural Brows

Full and natural brows may have started as a result of months without brow-care appointments. But it’s turned out to be a great look that’s blossomed from Instagram to real life. It’s low maintenance and gives a fresh and youthful quality that’s perfect as you emerge into a post-pandemic world. Care for your natural brows by keeping your face properly hydrated and using natural products for growth and conditioning.

The A/W makeup trends for 2021 are definitely focused on natural radiance and glamour! But no matter what look you go for, make sure you select products that protect your skin this season and are made with safe, natural ingredients as well!


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