Thief falls asleep while robbing cop’s house

Thailand - The man slept in a bedroom after turning on the air conditioner.

Illustrative image:
Illustrative image:

By Web Report

Published: Sun 28 Mar 2021, 1:37 PM

A burglar in Thailand fell asleep at a cop’s house he was trying to rob on Monday.

According to India Today, police officer Jiam Prasert found Athit Kin Khunthud, 22, sound asleep after he noticed the air conditioner was on in his daughter’s bedroom.

Prasert’s daughter was not at home, and he yelled at the dazed thief to wake him up once he found him under the covers.

Khunthud had apparently broken into the house at 2am to rob it but had lain down on the bed and switched on the air conditioner to take a short nap, which ended up lasting till morning.

The thief was handcuffed and quickly arrested after Prasert called for backup.

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