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DUBAI - The mood was upbeat and the sky dotted with myriad colourful kites as thousands of members of the Indian community gathered yesterday at the Al Ahamadiya Grounds here to celebrate the twin festivals of Lori and kite-flying.

By Debasree S.

Published: Sat 17 Jan 2004, 12:00 PM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 2:26 AM

Organised by the Indian Association Dubai (IAD) and the World Punjabi Organisation the day-long celebration had much in store for those who had gathered with enthusiasm at the grounds since 11am.

Kite-flying is celebrated with pomp and show in Gujarat and marks the end of winter and the beginning of summer.

Lori too is a Spring festival celebrated with the traditional lighting of the bonfire Punjab.

Though thousands of miles away from their homeland, expatriate Indians in Dubai too celebrated the twin occasion with the same spirit and enthusiasm.

By afternoon, more than 4,000 people had gathered, some with their families and even small children.

They enjoyed the spectacle and even tried their hand at kite-flying.

The IAD flew down more than 15,000 kites that were available at Dh1 each along with the thread that was available for Dh5 and Dh10.

The excitement was palpable with people trying to keep their kites flying and trying to cut the string of other kites.

Some Pakistanis and Europeans had also gathered to celebrate the occasion.

Suhail and Rubaina, residents of Dubai, turned up in the afternoon. "It is such a great experience to come and celebrate the occasion with so many others," Rubaina said.

A student of Class II, Hemja too enjoyed the festival as she helped her friends and family members fly their kites. Her mother Sejal said that she comes every year to participate in the festival.

As dusk fell, the sky lit up with the colourful kites. It was time to light the bon-fire and usher in the second festival: Lori.

The bonfire was lighted by the Indian Consul-General. Some colourful Punjabi dances followed.

As the embers and rhythmic music rent the air, the expatriates joined in the dancing, making it a truly memorable occasion.

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