Visa-free destinations for UAE residents

Visa-free destinations for UAE residents

Pack your bags and get ready for your next trip as you get a fresh list of visa-free destinations to tick off your travel bucket list!

By Ayisha Alka

Published: Thu 25 Apr 2019, 11:35 AM

Previously, this country was not on the list of UAE's top visa-free destinations; however, recent changes in laws have finally given UAE residents the opportunity to travel to Azerbaijan. Those holding a valid UAE residence visa can obtain a tourist visa on arrival at the Azerbaijan airport. This beautiful country, well known as the "Land of Fire", consists of many interesting landmarks that are to be discovered, including the Azokh Cave in western Azerbaijan, that brings you to ancient history as tools and materials belonging to the early years can be found.

Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, gives a Dubai vibe as it is perfected with its architecture and towering skyscrapers. Also, the country not being so huge means you can spend time travelling on all corners around the country if you have the time! Being within five hours to reach there, travel won't be very tiring. The only condition would be that staying for more than 15 days may require registration state migration service, which can be easily be done.

This country is known for being the safest in Europe, and the most exciting for those who are obsessed with history - for it gives a whiff of archaeological wonders around the beautiful place; Tiblisi is your ideal destination for checking out historical buildings and architecture, with pretty cafes along the way. Luckily for UAE residents, it is visa-free for 90 days - so you have all the time in the world to catch a flight to Georgia! The place has very friendly people who will probably welcome you into their homes and show you a dose of their hospitality through food, therefore enjoy every bite you get.

Georgia is food heaven - there are all kinds of fruits and vegetables to be devoured and endless varieties of pies with delicious cooked meat - I don't think you should settle for any less. You will also notice many grapevines as the place is known for their freshly made wines made out of grapes that are handpicked. Are you convinced yet to pack your bags and leave for the holidays?

Looking for some place to NOT get burned down by the sun and relax by the beach along the transient waves? As much as we love the UAE, July and August are probably not the kindest months in the year - especially if you have a long vacation and you decide to not travel elsewhere. Reconsider your decision and take off to Maldives, your to-be favorite hotspot for a swim by the shore and ultimate relaxation as your toes feel the sand. If you are a beach baby, Maldives should be on the top of your summer vacation list, for the tropical heaven-on-earth destination is dotted with beaches, small cafes supplying you with the best seafood in town and a cold drink to keep your temperature right!

Fortunately, being a UAE resident grants you the chance to travel to the country visa-free. As you're on holiday and finally away from your busy work schedule, give yourself a break and meditate in Maldives, relaxing your mind, body and soul. Resort spas are available right at your doorstep for the same. The weather is going to suit you just fine as it is dry and wet occasionally; humid weather brings along pleasant showers.

Sri Lanka
This country can now be easily entered with free visa provision. With its capital city being Colombo, there is a lot to see and discover beyond just cities. Looking across the coastal plains, the mountains of Sri Lanka's topography are simply massive and brings visitors in awe as they witness an extremely beautiful view atop. Sri Lanka is also often visited for pilgrimages in the Holy Adam's Peak.
The country holds beautiful religious places of worship of the Buddha. If you haven't yet decided a place to travel for the summer holidays, this could be one of your ideal destinations, as you may experience downpour during the months between May and September in the south west. Sri Lanka is also bustling with growing vegetation as there are many varieties of flowers and plants grown all around, along with many species of trees - you will be fascinated at how greenery is quite a lot in Sri Lanka. Don't you worry if you need a beach break, for there are plenty of places for you to relax by the waves.

Ayisha Alka is an Editorial Intern at Khaleej Times  studying in Middlesex University Dubai. She is passionate about discovering stories and happenings around the world.

Georgia welcome signboard
Georgia welcome signboard

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