US offers food, grants for people of Lebanon

DUBAI — It seems to be a case of donning the robe of both the destroyer as well as the saviour — with the United States now talking of helping the Lebanese by way of offering food and grants worth millions of dollars.

By Joy Sengupta

Published: Thu 31 Aug 2006, 9:23 AM

Last updated: Sat 4 Apr 2015, 1:43 PM

The US government yesterday contributed 300 metric tonnes of lentils to the World Food Programme through USAID for immediate transportation to Lebanon. While speaking to media persons, Michele Sison, the US Ambassador to the UAE specifically stated that America was doing everything possible to help the Lebanese who have been rendered homeless and without any food during the course of the (Israel-Labanon) conflict.

The US had earlier made a commitment to use $230 million for humanitarian aid, reconstruction and security assistance to Lebanon. The announcement was made by President George W. Bush on August 21.

This consignment was a part of US President's commitment. Interestingly, Sison stressed the fact that the US was very much concerned about the situation in Lebanon and that it were doing whatever was possible to help the distressed and the displaced there.

"We are doing our bit. After lentils we would be sending wheat too. Around 20,000 people can be fed for a month through this aid. The US government and President Bush are really concerned. We would help Lebanon in the rebuilding process with our resources," she said.

Talking about the consignment, Mats Persson, the chief of FITTEST (Fast IT and Telecoms Emergency and Support Team) of the World Food Programme pointed out that they were doing everything possible to ensure that the consignment reached the Lebanese at the earliest.

"We are doing everything possible. Dubai is one among the best places for this purpose. So sending consignments from this place is easier," he said.

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