Toddler's to-do list!


Toddlers to-do list!
Colourful toys can aid in developing children's vision

Here's a guide to introducing little ones to fun and games

By Deepa Narwani

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Published: Thu 1 Jun 2017, 10:59 AM

Babies are very eager to learn all about the world around them. Be it a new shape, colour, taste or sound, learning about it is an experience for them. Giving babies toys that are stimulating will help them in discovering their senses. Musical rattle toys are an instant hit with the kids, while colourful toys can aid in developing their vision and blocks can help in building motor skills and hand-eye coordination.
Toddlers might still enjoy some of the toys they played with as babies, but there are a whole other variety of games they can discover and have fun playing. For instance, shape sorters can teach them how to match similar items, and provide parents the perfect opportunity to teach them the names of the different shapes.
Also, introducing music to toddlers at an earlier stage does a lot more than just entertain. A great way to introduce them to musical instruments is by using everyday objects found at home. Items like small pots and pans, bubble wrap, pens, pencils, rulers, etc., can be used effectively to create various sounds.
Another reason to introduce them to music is to make the experience enjoyable for both. Singing songs or lullabies to your child goes a long way in creating a strong bond with them.
Picture books are also a great way of entertainment. Bright, simple images with big bold letters can provide visual stimulation that enhances cognitive skills. An early introduction can go a long way in creating a positive association with books, and encourage a lifelong love of reading.
Toddlers are also prone to mood swings and their interest in a book will depend on factors such as the time of day or whether they are hungry. If they don't seem too interested, don't give up hope. You can always try reading some other book to them, by doing voiceovers, maybe at bedtime.
Entertainment zones
Keeping kids occupied throughout the day can be challenging, but Dubai has an array of exciting activities that can educate as well as entertain.
Le Petit Palais
This is a French style children's town, where children can benefit from creative and adventurous activities. At the Soft Toddler's Town, the little ones are introduced to interactive activities that have been designed to hone their motor skills.
INFO: Galeries Lafayette at The Dubai Mall
Baby Sensory
It offers themed sessions such as Looking for Dinosaurs that provide magical worlds for toddlers, where they learn through fun. It also introduces kids to classical music, nursery rhymes as well as jazz, etc.
Children's City
Their Toddler Area is equipped with a protective rubber floor and features a waterbed, piano, small slide, number steps and soft pads, along with other fun activities. It also gives them an opportunity to make new friends.
INFO: Children's City Dubai, Creek Park Gate 1.

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