The future is female

The future is female
The TurtleCard app is the only app you will ever need for arranging social, physical and development activities for your children.

The rise in dedicated workplaces for women and the stories of successful shepreneurs in the UAE have inspired many to pursue their dreams

By Micah Aguilar

Published: Thu 15 Aug 2019, 2:19 PM

Last updated: Thu 15 Aug 2019, 4:29 PM

Developed by marketing professional Geetanjali Kaul, the TurtleCard app is the only app you will ever need for arranging social, physical and development activities for your children. In a country with cities that boasts of skyscrapers and massive indoor theme parks, the UAE also prides itself with its great efforts in supporting the younger communities by providing them with opportunities to take part in athletic, musical and artistic activities where they explore their creative instincts and develop new skills.
However, with so many options to choose from it can be quite challenging and time consuming to find the right activity for your child. TurtleCard is a kid's activity booking app created to make life easier and less time consuming for parents to browse and book activities for their children from numerous centres through the online portal or with the mobile app.
Additionally, the platform saves parents a lot of money and is a one-stop destination for searching for activity centres that simplifies the search by age, type of activity, distance and date. TurtleCard offers a range of activities to choose from such as ballet, chess, KidZania, music lessons, swimming, football, tennis, robotics and much more at a reasonable rate and provides regular promotions for members through a range of credit plans.
"When everything from food to cleaning services and groceries can be booked at the click of a button to save time, then why not kids activities as well?" said Geetanjali. She also adds that as an organisation, they make it their mission to help parents book activities that develop their kids' social, developmental and emotional skills. Furthermore, TurtleCard also helps businesses as a marketing tool and get digitalized by allowing online booking through any TurtleCard platform.
It's Her Way
Create, shop, sell and be inspired. It's Her Way is a company that is operated by purpose driven women who aim to assist in implementing and promoting new business ideas. It's Her Way acts as a platform for women who are looking to build a market for themselves and showcase their products in the region.
As of now, the company currently has two e-commerce websites called It's Her Store and It's Her Skill that both serves as a platform for shepreneurs who are looking to make a profit from their handcrafted and self-made items like organic bath soaps and hand-stitched bags. "We do our best to work directly with our shepreneurs and ensure that they progress through their goals efficiently through our platform," said Armin Jamula, a long-time marketing professional and one of the founders of It's Her Way.
The regional online store now currently has a range of products carefully crafted by creative female individuals ranging from kids clothing, footwear, apparel, accessories and much more. According to Armin, " doesn't sell electronics and things that are just retail and re-forged. We try and focus on created and curated products that are handmade, sustainable and made with environmental friendly material," said the SheEO.
Filled with a range of products made by shepreneurs who are based in the UAE, not only allows creative women to sell their own work, but also personally assist them in overcoming the challenges presented in being a businesswoman in the emirates. Anyone who wishes to be a part of Its Her Way can expect professional advice in any concerns related to being a seller and how to overcome challenges faced by entrepreneurs.

Winners at the 2019 Shepreneurs Awards.
Winners at the 2019 Shepreneurs Awards.
Members of Its Her Way showcase their own products.
Members of Its Her Way showcase their own products.

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