School buses facing the brunt of rowdy students

AL AIN — The Al Ain branch of Emirates Transportation Establishment (ETE) has said that students had damaged seats and window glasses of several school buses during the past academic year.

By Lana Mahdi (Our staff reporter)

Published: Mon 7 Jul 2008, 1:26 AM

Last updated: Sun 5 Apr 2015, 6:06 PM

ETE Al Ain branch director Mattar Soroor Al Shamsy said most of the damage was caused by slashing seat covers, breaking window glasses and fiddling with interior equipment of the vehicles. As many as 161 seats were damaged.

Al Shamsy stressed the need for school administrations to inculcate the sense of responsibility in the students towards school facilities such as laboratories and buses.

The ETE organises awareness campaigns among students every year by conducting lectures and distributing brochures highlighting the need to keep the buses and the facilities in good condition.

"The students damaged the seat covers of even new school buses that joined the fleet in Al Ain only a few months ago," he added.

Al Shamsy said the ETE suffers staggering financial losses every year due to the damage caused by students in school buses.

"The AAEZ in cooperation with the ETE identifies and punishes the students who damage the equipment and buses by forcing their parents to give it in writing assuring the school of better behaviour from their wards and pay fines.

“The students caught red-handed damaging the bus facilities are banned for a week from commuting in the school bus," he added.

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