Republicans in the UAE say Trump is a 'logical' choice

Republicans in the UAE say Trump is a logical choice
Steven Anderson

Dubai - This is the first real chance in ages that someone that is not from the establishment is there to clean out Congress, local Republicans say


Bernd Debusmann Jr.

Published: Thu 13 Oct 2016, 10:44 PM

Last updated: Fri 14 Oct 2016, 12:47 AM

Republican-leaning American voters in the UAE are a "bit stressed" but in good spirits in the final weeks before the US presidential elections, according to the local chairman of Republicans Abroad. Speaking to Khaleej Times, chairman Steven Anderson noted that he still feels that Republicans "have a chance" to win the November 8 election. "There are many undecided voters, and I am hoping those who are libertarian see that their protest vote is now more important to be used to keep Hillary Clinton out of office," he said. "Logic wins out at the end of the day, so when in the voting booth, Trump will be the choice."
Looking towards the third and final presidential debate scheduled for October 20, Anderson said he hoped Trump would clarify his position on the checks of foreign nationals coming to the US, which previously included a call for "special scrutiny" on foreigners coming from "regions associated with Islamic terrorism."
"I'd like to see him concentrate more on the issue of vetting all people coming to America from foreign nations, as opposed to specifically giving the impression that it is only one group that is being reviewed for entry," he said.
He also hoped Trump would make a plea to undecided and liberation voters. "This is the first real chance in ages that someone that is not from the establishment is there to clean out Congress," he noted. "Time for a new positive beginning in Washington DC." Anderson's comments come at a time when senior Republicans, such as Senator John McCain and House of Representatives Speaker Paul Ryan, have distanced themselves from Trump's bid. "It is a bit shocking but not entirely unexpected. Shocking in that when Bill Clinton was in for four counts of impeachment in 1998, no more than five Democrats in the House of Representatives voted against him. The unity of the Democrats was much stronger than we are today.
"On the other hand, those that left were reluctant to join at the beginning in many cases," he added. "They used the situation as a way to leave... it shows their character as Republicans that are more interested in themselves than in the Party, or winning the election." Anderson also encouraged all American voters in the UAE to vote. "Get out and vote. Makes no different if you are Republican or Democrat."

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