Ramadan 2020: Buy Naghal dates for Dh150/kg in Ras Al Khaimah markets

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Ras Al Khaimah - The holy month of Ramadan always sees different types of dates flooding the markets.

Published: Sat 16 May 2020, 1:37 PM

Last updated: Sat 16 May 2020, 4:12 PM

Here's good news for those fond of fresh dates. The early dates, locally known as Naghal, are now available at the Ras Al Khaimah markets, even though priced a tad high.
"One kilogram of Naghal dates is now available for Dh150," Mohammed Taher, a dates dealer, said.
Actually, all the Naghal dates available in the market are imported from Oman, he added.
Ibrahim Saleh, another dates dealer, said prices are always high in the beginning. "They will definitely come down with the advent of local dates, such as Al Khalas, Al Khimeizi, Al Barhi, and Al Sukari."
Khalid Abdulrahman, another trader, said local types of dates are expected to be available in the market in the first week of June.
"The local Naghal will also be available at the same time, and this will significantly cut dates' prices by over 70 per cent."
The early Naghal always comes from the nearby Oman, according to Mustafa Al Hadi, a dealer in dates.
"The holy month of Ramadan always sees different types of dates flooding the market."
Reda Qadi, a veggies dealer, said the Naghal imported from Oman will be available for Dh80 by the end of Ramadan. "This is because of the different types of dates available in the market by that time."

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