Police impound 
four cars for 

ABU DHABI — Four cars were detected by speed radars on the Abu Dhabi-Dubai expressway, Al Gharbiya and on the Al Ain road for driving over 200km/hour.

Colonel Hamad Al Amri, Director of the Department of Traffic of External Areas, Directorate of Traffic and Patrol of Abu Dhabi police, said the first car, a Lexus, was driven at 225kph, while a Mercedes, topped the speed limit at 222kph, both on the Abu Dhabi-Dubai highway.

The third vehicle, a station wagon, was detected at 204kph on Al Ain road and the last car, a Mercedes, was driven at 210kph in Al Gharbiya.

Patrolling police vehicles deployed on the external roads referred the four drivers for legal action, Al Amri said.


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