Nothing better than to serve the country

DUBAI — Osama Hashim Al Safi keeps getting lucrative job offers, with impressive pay packets, every now and then. But his preferences are different. He wishes to serve his country, and prefers to be a part of the government.

By Joy Sengupta (Our staff reporter)

Published: Thu 5 Jun 2008, 8:25 AM

Last updated: Sun 5 Apr 2015, 6:23 PM

Working as the Head of the Executive Planning Section at Planning Department, Dubai Municipality, Osama is one of the winners of the Dubai Government Excellence Programme Awards, which he won in the category of 'Distinguished Administrative Employee'. The award has made him even more clear about his priorities.

"Right since 2000, I have been getting quite a few lucrative offers. But then, as a UAE national, I want to be a part of Dubai Municipality and serve my country, which has given a lot to me. Now, I want to serve my country in whatever way I can," he says.

Osama has been working with the Dubai Municipality since 1999.

Osama took his Bachelors degree from Al Ain University and then went on to complete his Masters degree in Sydney. Before he joined the Planning Section, he was with the Buildings Department at Dubai Municipality.

How did he feel on receiving the award? "It was a very proud moment of my life. I am proud of the achievements made by Dubai Municipality. It has been some huge efforts by so many officials. I am just one of them. This award goes to all the DM staff. It's our hard work that has made the impossible look possible. It's been a team effort," he points out.

Osama, however, is quick to add that his dedication and sincerity will not change an iota after winning the award. "Nothing is going to change. In fact, winning the award means more expectations and lots of responsibilities. When people look up to you, you know you have to live up to their expectations. There are huge challenges. And, we have a lot more to achieve and fulfil," he makes it clear.

So how is a typical day at office? "Each day, we get busy since the morning with people turning up with maps and plans. It's a difficult job which needs a lot of hard work and concentration. I have to be alert all the time. One wrong move and the clients could lose millions of dirhams," he explains.

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