New Contender in Compact SUV Segment

New Contender in Compact SUV Segment

Mahindra, distributed by Galadari, aims to conquer the region with a terrain-ready fleet


Farhana Chowdhury

Published: Sun 18 Aug 2019, 3:52 PM

Last updated: Sun 18 Aug 2019, 6:28 PM

Reliable and resilient, Indian automotive brand Mahindra has established a strong presence in the Middle East, with an extensive fleet of vehicles that are engineered to serve all kinds of terrain, with more options underway.
"Mahindra with its strong R&D team is working intensively to widen the model portfolio especially suitable for international markets. Specifically, we are looking forward to getting a bigger SUV and also a new contender in the compact SUV segment," said Axel Dreyer, Chief Executive Officer - Automotive Division, Galadari Brothers, adding that the trend of opting for SUVs remains unbroken.
To date, Mahindra's distributors Galadari import the XUV 500, a mid-size 7-seater SUV and the different variants of the popular Mahindra Pick-Up.
In the future, Mahindra plans to invest in electric cars, following great experience and successful participation in Formula E races. "I'm confident that in the near future we will have a competitive electric car in our portfolio as well," Dreyer added.
While the future of vehicles lies in alternative energy sources, the other trend is related to the ownership structures of vehicles, giving rise to future car sharing and 'vehicles on-demand' models.
"Of course, autonomous driving is a big hype due to the various milestones that have been achieved in technology development to support autonomous driving, such as AI," Dreyer said.
Expanding regional reach
Mahindra continues to set itself apart as a brand, nurtured from an India market-focused manufacturer to a serious contender in many key international markets.
It currently has a huge R&D centre in the US and acquired Pininfarina, the iconic design firm. Both give Mahindra the capability to develop highly competitive and attractive cars that will fit the current market demand.
Furthermore, Mahindra sees room for growth in the region, especially in the UAE market, as it is aligned with the strong strategic agenda set by its leaders that aims to raise its global standing.
"For Mahindra commercial vehicles, we are seeing very positive growth, as the demanding construction business in the UAE require cost-efficient and robust workhorses to finish the many upcoming projects on time," Dreyer said.

"Galadari enjoys a very long and successful partnership with Mahindra based on trust and excellent leadership from both parties. The Mahindra Team is very supportive and professional in providing assistance to its distributors." - Axel Dreyer, CEO, Automotive Division

Axel Dreyer, Chief Executive Officer, Automotive Division, Galadari Brothers
Axel Dreyer, Chief Executive Officer, Automotive Division, Galadari Brothers

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