Murdoch University Dubai: Start your Australian education in the heart of Dubai

Dr James Trotter, Dean and Academic President, Murdoch University Dubai
Dr James Trotter, Dean and Academic President, Murdoch University Dubai

Murdoch University is set to offer a comprehensive mix of face-to-face and digital learning for a high-quality student experience

Murdoch University is a highly ranked and reputable university in Australia and we launched this campus in Dubai over 12 years ago because of the immense potential and support provided in the UAE to higher education institutions. We offer the exact same Australian course content here only because we believe in our core purpose of proving an exceptional, international educational experience to students in the region.

Not every student might have the opportunity to travel to destinations like Australia, US or UK for their higher education. Our campus in the UAE ensures that students who are unable to travel internationally for their university education still have the opportunity to earn a high-quality, Australian-accredited degree, and all the recognition, employability, and professional network that comes with it.

Engaged and connected
For us at Murdoch University Dubai, the shift wasn't just about online learning, but also about bringing the entire campus experience to our students who couldn't visit the premises anymore.

From online career counselling to virtual bingo nights, Murdoch University Dubai's Digital Campus has kept our close-knit community engaged and connected. Classes have been scheduled as per the original timetables and our faculty and student support staff have continued to remain accessible to all their students. We have also rolled out a host of free webinars geared at helping students better manage their time and focus on their wellbeing during these challenging times.

We now look forward to welcoming our students to our brand-new campus in Dubai Knowledge Park for the next trimester, continuing to provide a comprehensive mix of face-to-face and digital learning to ensure the highest quality student experience, while also keeping the safety of our students and staff at the forefront of everything we do.

Raising value of education
Murdoch Dubai has performed strongly in areas such as Employability, Inclusiveness, and Student Wellbeing, while also receiving a 91.1 per cent overall student satisfaction rating for the quality of our teaching in the latest KHDA's Higher Education Classification report. The metrics in the HEC system provide a valuable set of criteria for universities in developing a continuous improvement framework, so that we constantly seek to be better in the future.

As the higher education sector in the UAE has matured, the range of courses on offer has increased. This diversity is a central component to building the reputation of the UAE as an international hub for higher education. Even in the time of Covid 19, we are seeing increased interest from international students. The continued growth of the UAE as an international hub for higher education depends upon the growth in diversity of course offerings that are relevant to future employment and the assurance of quality. We, at Murdoch Dubai, are proud to be contributing to the growth of both in-demand course offerings and high-quality education.

Collaboration beyond borders
Our students now have the opportunities to engage and collaborate with their peers and their lecturers in our digital classrooms. They are learning to build working relationships, make presentations of complex material, and sustain collaborative working relationships in online settings. These will be key skills for employment in the future, because work will never be the same again. Life will be increasingly digital and virtual to ensure we are better prepared for any future disruption that may come. The new normal for higher education should not be the same as the old normal. We have learned much from this enforced experiment that we will keep into the future, blending the benefits of face to face experiences with the best of the digital.

Rise of freethinkers
I believe we are highly equipped as a nation to fulfil the demands of future career opportunities. Both the types of work that people do and how people work were already evolving rapidly in the pre-Covid world, that evolution has only been accelerated by recent experiences. The UAE has always been at the forefront of stimulating innovation and growth across industries and that leadership in innovation will be invaluable to the nation's future. At Murdoch Dubai, we strive to deliver that same innovative spirit in every aspect of the university's life. We have introduced over 20 new majors and courses in less than two years and continue to prepare future-ready freethinkers.

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