KT@42: Engaging the experienced

Hear it from our oldest readers on why the paper means so much to them

Published: Thu 16 Apr 2020, 2:00 PM

Last updated: Thu 16 Apr 2020, 4:23 PM

Four decades is a long chapter in a newspaper's history. A journey that wouldn't have been possible without a readership that evolved with us. From reading our first edition as they set foot in the UAE to being witnesses to all our milestones, some of our long-standing readers revisit their journey with us.
It's been nearly three decades since I have been subscribing to Khaleej Times. I remember hearing about the paper for the first time when I would play cricket at the Sharjah stadium. The logo with the date palm and the oil rig encompassing the dhow has been a reminder of how KT blends tradition with modernity. I can easily say that KT has been a friend, philosopher and guide. The fact that it has been a major news provider through these years, with its lucid printing style and crisp paper quality, has made it indispensable. The classification of news in an orderly manner adds to the charm of reading KT.
Saifuddin Khomosi, Business Owner

FAITHFUL READERS: (From left to right) Saifuddin Khomosi, Jayashree Kulkarni, Ramesh Ramchandani, Manju Cherian
We landed on the shores of Abu Dhabi on October 17, 1980. The very next day, we were invited for a brunch by my husband's colleague, who also happened to be our neighbour. It was on their dining table that I first saw a copy of Khaleej Times. The next morning, I told my husband that we must subscribe to this newspaper. It has been more than four decades since. Fairness, objectivity and integrity have been salient features of the newspaper. In today's digital world, most people feel that the print media is gradually diminishing. As a trusted news source, Khaleej Times is an exception to that notion.
Jayashree Kulkarni, Homemaker
I came to the UAE 43 years ago. I was all of 22 then. My first memory of the newspaper is how it was inaugurated amid much fanfare. As one of the first print entities in the region, I found the content to be refreshing. Its weekend magazine had some really good stories, and later, I became a fan of the Bollywood content as well. At that time, newspapers gave us access to important information. Four decades later, my son and daughterin-law are hooked on to Khaleej Times' digital avatar. Even today, I spend the 20-minute journey from my home to the office reading the newspaper.
Ramesh Ramchandani, Accounts Professional
When l first came to Dubai in 1995, my uncle introduced me to Khaleej Times. Ever since, I have been a loyal subscriber of the newspaper. What I truly admire about Khaleej Times is the lucid language, depth and extent of its news coverage. Watching news on television is different, but the satisfaction derived while reading the newspaper from start to end has no substitute. I have also had the opportunity to have my views covered in the newspaper on several occasions over the years. Here's wishing Khaleej Times more success in the years to come.
Manju Cherian, Academic Supervisor

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