Invincibly smart in a city life

Invincibly smart in a city life

DUBAI - Is your smartphone the first thing you look at every morning? Do you turn to your phone when you lose your way while driving around Dubai? Or check for incoming emails every 10 minutes, or download random games while waiting for the Metro? Then there might be a good chance that you are addicted to your smartphone.


Dhanusha Gokulan

Published: Mon 27 Aug 2012, 12:54 AM

Last updated: Tue 7 Apr 2015, 1:04 PM

A recent study by Ericsson revealed that people in cities like Abu Dhabi or Dubai consider mobile network coverage among the top factors that impact their quality of life, along with water distribution and the availability of social spaces, ranging from cafés to entertainment facilities.

The study reveals that around 40 per cent of people in cities such as Abu Dhabi or Dubai, use smartphones and rely on mobile information to solve day-to-day issues. It pointed out that mobile network coverage ranks fourth on a list of what city residents are most satisfied with.

On speaking to a few UAE residents, Khaleej Times found that most people use their smartphones to run online searches for information, social networking, easier communication or simply to beat boredom.

The research conducted by Ericsson’s ConsumerLab research team surveyed people from around the world and found that an average of 50 per cent of city dwellers use their mobile phones every day to connect to the Internet, and around 40 per cent own a smartphone.

Suhail Hussain (24), a resident of Dubai and owner of a Galaxy S III, said: “Yes, I am addicted to my phone and I pay extra for this luxury. Even if I am not doing anything, I download games and play during my free time.”

Most common apps used on smartphones are email, WhatsApp, Google search, Google maps, G-talk, YouTube and gaming apps. “It’s the easiest way to stay in touch. I read a lot on news websites on the phone as well. I don’t think I can do without my phone,” added Hussain.

“These findings will probably not come as a surprise to a resident of Abu Dhabi or Dubai, who has become accustomed to relying on mobile-based services to communicate, find information and solve day-to-day challenges while on the go,” said Anders Lindblad, president of Ericsson Region Middle East.

Another Dubai resident Prashanth Menon (25) said: “I got a Galaxy S III last week. My phone is the first thing that I look at as soon as I wake up. I use Facebook, Skype, Fring, news applications, WhatsApp and BlackBerry Messenger as well.”

Miranda Shane (27), a sales executive based in Dubai, said: “I am on my phone all the time. My family gives me a really hard time for it. I use my phone the most for communicating with my friends, family and social networking. I think men use it a lot for gaming purposes.”

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