Indian man who never saw UAE wins Dh12 million in Big Ticket raffle

Big Ticket Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi airport, UAE raffle

Last month, a Dubai-based Filipina expat had won Dh10 million.

By Ashwani Kumar

Published: Fri 4 Oct 2019, 7:33 PM

Last updated: Sun 16 Aug 2020, 6:21 PM

In a rare instance, an Indian man who never visited the UAE, won Dh12 million in the Big Ticket raffle draw held at Abu Dhabi International Airport on Thursday evening.
Mohammed Fayaz J.A., 24, hails from Karnataka state and works in India's financial city of Mumbai as an accountant. At a young age, Fayaz, his brother and two sisters had to bear the loss of both their parents. Fayaz then left for Mumbai to support his family. It's only six months since he started buying tickets along with his roommate.
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"Both my parents passed away because of kidney diseases. My father had worked for a long time in Saudi Arabia. He fought kidney failures for more than 12 years. We had seen both my parents in pain for long. We children are still recovering from the shock of our parents being no longer with us. I have a younger sister. My elder sister is married. Also we sold a part of our land to build a house. But that is pending now.
One year ago, I came to Mumbai to support my family. My brother, who is father of two kids, is looking after things back in Karnataka," Fayaz said over the phone.
"It's my roommate who gave me the idea to buy Big Ticket. I couldn't buy for two months as the deadline was over. But this time, I bought it just in time - the last day of September. I am really a lucky winner."
Fayaz's mobile number was busy when Richard from the Big Ticket draw called him four times to inform about the win. And when the line connected, Fayaz couldn't believe his luck.
"I checked online to verify. Last night, I had a dream that I would win this. I told my friend that something great is happening soon."
Even as Fayaz is clueless about what to do with his money, he hopes his brother finds a job according to his qualification. "He is a MBA graduate, who is working as a driver for a fish market back in Karnataka. Also I want to reclaim the land we had to sell. I will look to finish construction work of our home soon. I will also do some charity work. I have never been to the UAE. Now I will be there next month to receive the cheque."

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