Farzi Café: Our success lies in customers' good 'taste'

Farzi Café: Our success lies in customers good taste
Zorawar Kalra, founder of Farzi Cafe

For the love of food

By Zorawar Kalra

Published: Tue 24 Sep 2019, 10:57 AM

Last updated: Tue 24 Sep 2019, 1:05 PM

here are two main strategies every F&B outlet needs to adopt in order to promote their brand in any region of the world - social media and active PR. Active PR is important but equally, social media plays a very important role. Providing engaging content online is the best tool to get more customers into the door and spread awareness of a product, services and new offerings.

Our primary focus is on social media, but we also have an active PR engagement policy where our PR companies are constantly in touch high-quality publications that exist in the Middle East region. We constantly ensure that we are a part of the industry stories provided our products and services fit the theme. We also try to come up with new innovative stories to feed to the various publications and ensure that the information reaches out to the masses.

Brand engagement
As a brand, you have to change with the times and be abreast of the demands and needs of the consumer. We constantly evolve to ensure that we are providing products and services that the consumer really wants and that's the only way to stay survive and thrive in the modern-day business world. Farzi Café focuses on customers to ensure that we are always aware of the pulse of the market. It is very important in today's dynamic business world to constantly move and be agile because the goalposts keep shifting and cus-tomers' demands and preferences keep changing.

Evolve to the local palette
The success factor of Farzi Cafe is that the brand is very close to the palette of the UAE, and we have developed a product that is entirely focused on the taste and preference of the region. We constantly innovate and were the first concept to offer molecular gastronomy at this price point. We offer an extremely friendly service infused with very high levels of hospitality that makes every consumer feel welcome.I think the fact that our food and beverages are highly innovative is the biggest reason behind the success of the brand. We constantly keep changing and updating our menus because we want to keep introducing new creations and that is the reason that we have continued to remain successful.
Farzi Cafe is currently in five different countries in the Middle East. We plan to open several more restaurants in the remaining countries in the region based on the current results. The brand has been highly appreciated, and as a result, we want to continue to build upon that and come up with ways where we are able to remain a 'darling' of the region. The love that we have gotten so far for Farzi Cafe in the Middle East is unprecedented and it represents a very important market for us.

Market trends
Choices are important but at the same time the menu in a restaurant and a kitchen must focus on quality over quantity and that is what we do in our kitchen. We don't have extensive menus but our menus are designed in a way that any dish ordered is best in class, delicious and has a lot of effort and love poured into it. I think choices in terms of a menu offering is less important than the quality. Many of the most successful brands in the world have a limited menu but they offer extremely high quality of care for each item being made and served to the guest, thereby are able to maintain and grow their patronage.

UAE munch scene
The F&B sector in the UAE is absolutely fantastic. The clientele is extremely well-travelled, well-heeled, sophisticated and has very high standards. As a result, restaurants and F&B operators in the region have to be constantly innovative to ensure that the quality standards of the ambience, food and overall service are constantly maintained in a bid to stay competitive. What differentiates us is that we completely focus on the consumer and nothing else. For us, the consumer is always right hence we try our best to ensure near-perfect customer satisfaction results. We achieve this by a timely table service in a very hospitable manner and in an ambience that is full of energy but also highly private.
Zorawar Kalra is the Founder of Farzi Café

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