EIDA issues booklet “Online Linkage with Govt Entities”

EIDA issues booklet “Online Linkage with Govt Entities”

ABU DHABI -- The Emirates Identity Authority has released a new booklet titled “Strategy of Electronic Linkage with Government Entities” to highlight one of its most prominent projects emanating from its strategic plan 2010-2013.

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Published: Tue 19 Feb 2013, 5:15 PM

Last updated: Sat 4 Apr 2015, 7:59 AM

The booklet explains in Arabic and English the project of electronic linkage with government entities, which is currently being implemented by the Emirates ID, with the aim of paving the way for government entities to be linked together and hence putting the UAE at the forefront of countries that adopt modern technology to upgrade government services provided to its citizens and residents.

The Emirates ID announced that it is in the process of distributing copies of the booklet, to the various government organizations across the UAE and publishing it on its website based on its keenness on strengthening its strategic partnerships with all UAE organizations at the federal and local levels.

The project is aimed at maintaining the accuracy of the population register, which the Emirates ID announced it had completed recently and consequently supporting decision-makers and the ways to ascertain the data of citizens and residents in the field of providing services through advanced, secure and reliable applications that take into account the highest standards of protection and confidentiality.

The electronic linkage project helps update the file of civil and individual data of all UAE population instantly, thereby reducing duplication and repetition of data and enhancing the national and individual security by strengthening the personal identity in the UAE through the interdependent databases of the UAE organizations, notably the ministries of interior, justice, education, higher education, health and labor, these being responsible for such major civil incidents as birth, marriage, divorce, citizenship, residency, death, education, health record, supporting documents etc.

The Emirates ID pointed out that the strategy of electronic linkage with UAE government entities 2012-2015 would contribute to streamlining government services, easing transactions and procedures, reducing costs, minimizing paper consumption and providing ID management services to the UAE federal and local government organizations through engineering a range of flexible services that can be developed and harmonized.

The booklet contains many themes that explain the strategy and describe its aspects including the global trends in ID management and electronic linkage among government entities, the challenges faced by governments, the UAE’s experience in developing the unified ID project and the need for electronic linkage among government entities.

The booklet provides an overview of the electronic linkage strategy and its objectives and priorities. It explains the framework of electronic linkage as well as its models, services, structure and governance. It also highlights the key projects and initiatives of the strategy, the electronic linkage roadmap and the key elements of success of the strategy.

The Emirates ID is set to distribute more than 500,000 ID card electronic readers on all government entities in 2013 based on its keenness on streamlining government services in the UAE organizations by capitalizing on the advanced applications of the ID card.

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