Dubai school hikes tuition fee by 100pc

DUBAI — Parents of students at a Dubai-based private school were shocked to receive a notice from its management on Monday increasing the tuition fee by 100 per cent for the next academic year.

By Mohsen Rashid

Published: Wed 18 Apr 2007, 8:38 AM

Last updated: Sun 5 Apr 2015, 1:42 AM

According to the management of Mirdif Private School, the hike announced by it was approved by the Dubai Education Council (DEC), but the DEC denied it.

The fee increase effected in various classes included: Kindergarten 1 from Dh8,400 to Dh17,000; Kindergarten II from Dh8,900 to Dh18,000, Class I (elementary) from Dh10,100 to Dh19,000, Class II (elementary) from Dh10,600 to Dh20,000, Class III (elementary) from Dh11,100 to Dh21,000, Class IV (elementary) from Dh11,600 to Dh22,000, Class V from Dh12,100 to Dh23,000 and Class VI from Dh12,600 to Dh24,000.

The school notice said the new fees also covered textbooks, stationery and school uniform. Bus charges were fixed from Dh2,300 to Dh2,800 depending on the location of students.

Parents feel that the school’s fee hike decision is not in line with the announcement made on March 27 by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority that any increase in the fees of private schools will not be more than 16 per cent for the next academic year.

The power to approve the rise in tuition fee now rests with the Dubai Educational Council, and all the files of the private schools were referred to it, said official sources at the private education department at the Dubai Educational Zone (DEZ).

A number of private schools have taken the advantage of the transition period when the Zone’s powers are being transferred to the DEC. They increased their tuition fees in total disregard of the 16 per cent fee cap fixed earlier, DEZ sources said.

A large number of complaints were lodged with the DEZ, which have been referred to the DEC for action, they added. The school principal said the increase had not been haphazardly decided, but the decision was taken after taking a number of factors into consideration. “The campus itself will be moved to a new premises that costs millions of dirhams,” she stressed.

“The DEZ cap of 16 per cent is applicable to the existing schools, but the new ones are entitled to levy fees the way they wish,” she said.

Every educational institution has its own budget, and there are schools that charge less tuition fees than others, she said, adding that it is a matter of supply and demand.

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