Asian expat couldn't swim, but rushed into sea to save Emirati's life

Umm Al Quwain, Afghan national, Emirati man, swimming, beach, drowning incident

Umm Al Quwain - He was exhausted and thought he would drown, but that didn't stop him from going back into the water.

Published: Mon 16 Sep 2019, 12:57 PM

Last updated: Tue 17 Sep 2019, 1:35 AM

When Wali Muhammad Saif saw a young man struggling in the sea, he didn't bat an eyelid before rushing into the waters to save him. The fact that the 35-year-old Afghani resident didn't know how to swim was not a deterrent.

"I was with my brother and a friend at the beach on Friday morning when we suddenly heard someone deep into the sea calling for help as he was drowning," Saif said.

"All three of us were hesitant as none of us knew how to swim, but I decided to risk my life and give him a hand," he added. It's thanks to this fearless move by Saif that Rashid Ibrahim, an Emirati, was rescued at the Al Bayt Mitwahid beach in Umm Al Quwain.

"After several attempts, I managed to get hold of the young man, and pulled him for 50 meters."

However, Saif could not continue beyond this.

"I felt so exhausted because of pulling the young man for that distance, let alone the strong sea currents."

Saif could not continue and felt that he would himself drown.

"I decided to go out, hold my breath, take a quick rest, and seek help from other people at the beach, but no one was ready as they all were not good at swimming."

Saif rushed to the sea again and got hold of the young man who was still struggling for his life.

"I finally managed to pulled him out of the sea, but he was in a critical condition."

One of the beachgoers had, meanwhile, called the emergency room, and a police patrol and national ambulance had arrived at the site.

"The paramedics and rescue teams provided Ibrahim with the necessary first aids, and immediately rushed him to the nearest hospital."

Saif was excited and satisfied at saving the life of the young man despite risking his life.

"This is the least thing anyone can do. I have been living in this country for seven years during which I have been treated with respect, love, and tolerance."

Ibrahim thanked Saif for saving his life. "Luckily, this brave man was present. Otherwise, only Allah knows what would have happened to me."

"I was swimming at 8am and everything was fine, but suddenly the strong currents of the sea pulled me down and deeper," Ibrahim added, noting that he was admitted into the hospital for one day for further check-ups and observation.

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