Amity University: Creating sustainable avenues for education

Dr Vajahat Hussain, CEO, Amity Education Middle East
Dr Vajahat Hussain, CEO, Amity Education Middle East

Amity University is dedicated to positively influencing various areas of research and creating a pathway for students, writes Amity Education Middle East CEO Dr Vajahat Hussain

Creating a self-sustainable university campus where students have access to information, knowledge and technology has always been a focus area. Our engineering, science, design and media labs are equipped with modern technology and devices that will give students a better understanding about advanced methods and software used in industries. The Amity Satellite Ground Station is one such initiative. Through the ground station, aerospace engineering students can now learn how to analyse data, predict weather, water reservoirs, elevation levels, pollution and population levels. Positively influencing various areas of research and creating a pathway for students to achieve their career goals is key.

Digitised influence
Digital learning came with its share of advantages and challenges. Faculty and students were quick to adapt to the new normal. We are fortunate to be part of a global network of universities that came together to provide engaging content and workshops for students over the past few months. From the Dalai Lama and Noble laureates to supreme court judges and film makers, Amity students worldwide have had access to webinars with world-renowned guests. The advantages of digital learning are immense and we plan to incorporate some aspects of this into our curriculum.

Top-ranked education
Local ranking systems are thorough and take the necessary steps to ensure that no bias exits. Feedback is always welcome, ensuring that standards are maintained and positive change is implemented. Regional universities introduce new programmes to their curriculum regularly, ensuring that courses covering emerging areas of study are incorporated into the curriculum. Over the past few months, we have introduced five new blended learning diploma programmes and two undergraduate programmes in animation and mechatronics.

We see an increase in the number of international students every year. The safety and security that the region provides, makes it the ideal location for students from around the world.

Future-ready trends
Creating an engaging, innovative and future-proof outlook to education, in line with the UAE's vision, will ensure our relevance in this fast-changing digital world. We will continue to foster projects that we feel are innovative, our incubation centre that mentors and supports student start-up is one such initiative. Research is another focus area that we believe will play a big role in the next few years.

The UAE promotes diversity, growth and development; making it the ideal location for graduates to start and build a career. From meeting with industry professionals and factory visits to participating in government competitions for start-up grants, the opportunities are endless. Students studying in Dubai, are exposed to a range of opportunities. The quick success of remote learning is a testament to the resilience and commitment of higher education institutes in the region.

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