A dash of Thai spices for Iftar

A dash of Thai spices for Iftar

Go dressed in your casual best. The décor of the restaurant is not opulent, but rather basic.

Published: Thu 8 Jun 2017, 9:28 PM

Last updated: Thu 8 Jun 2017, 11:36 PM

When you think of Iftar, a Thai spread is hardly the first thing that comes to your mind. But, if you wish to try something different this Ramadan, then like us head to Fuchsia Urban Thai, Bay Square. While there, we watched a chef deliver a live demonstration on how to prepare a papaya salad.
A preparation of shredded papaya and carrots in a chilli-lime dressing with ground peanuts, it was delicious and fresh. This should be your healthy fix during the summer. The outlet is pocket friendly (Dh 65/person). Go dressed in your casual best. The décor of the restaurant is not opulent, but rather basic. You'll see electric pink signboards on the walls with witty one-liners.
Beverages: The lemongrass ice tea wasn't really up to the mark as it seemed lightly laced and the flavour didn't come through even on repeated stirrings! In hindsight, we could have opted for fresh coconut water, served in a coconut shell.
Starters: For the vegetarian spread, we were served assorted appetisers, including corn fritters, rice salad, and tofu cubes. The rice salad (see pic) with its sweet and sour flavour was a hit on our table. The chicken satay tasted and looked lovely.
Mains: Our choice for mains was pretty simple - the fragrant vegetarian Thai curry, laced with coconut milk and sweet basil and Khao Soi. While we have had better Thai curries before, the same can't be said about the Khao Soi. The noodles-based dish was soaked in a lovely broth with the aroma and taste tickling your senses.
Desserts: We tried the slightly sweet treat served on pandan leaves with a topping of mango pieces. Relish the taste of the leaves as you bite into it. The second dessert was a dish of sticky rice with mango. Dig into it - after all, it is the season of mangoes.
Don't make the mistake of asking for an extra spicy meal, unless you are a daredevil because the regular Thai spice quotient is enough for the faint-hearted. We were a little upset about the slow service, but the food made up for it.
- anita@khaleejtimes.com

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