Rioters to be
deprived of key govt services
in Bahrain

MANAMA — People convicted of being involved in acts of sabotage and riots in Bahrain will be deprived of key government services such as free education and health treatment, a senior official has said.

The official, who did not wish to be identified, told Al Ayam newspaper on Saturday that the government is ready to take stern measures against those who are proven to have been involved in terrorist activities.

“Everyone who participates in the violent acts and is found guilty will face a number of penalties beyond incarceration, including being excluded from housing services, scholarships, free medical treatment and any other service provided by the state.”

The official added that the state’s relevant bodies will start auditing all employment applications and anyone found guilty of engaging in terrorism acts will also be banned from employment in the public sector. Students who are proven to be involved will be banned from receiving scholarships.

The official said that it is not fair that people who are working to destabilise the country get the same rights as loyal citizens when it comes to services provided by the state.

Meanwhile, a lawmaker and opposition leader highlighted the need for negotiations to resolve the situation.

Speaking at a press conference on Saturday, Shaikh Ali Salman said six opposition societies would come up with an initiative to bring stability back to the country, addding that politicians would meet governmemt officials to discuss the issue.

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