Qatar is the new home of the Green Economy Partnership

GEP aims to amplify its impact on global climate initiatives


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Published: Fri 19 Jan 2024, 11:46 AM

In a significant stride towards global sustainability, the Green Economy Partnership (GEP) headquarters will be domiciled in Doha, Qatar, furthering its commitment to fostering international collaborations under the country’s far reaching sustainability vision.

Under the leadership of Sheikh Mansour Bin Jabor Bin Jassim Al Thani, GEP aims to amplify its impact on global climate initiatives, emphasizing collaboration with governments and the implementation of CO2 removal projects that fall under article 6 of the Paris Agreement.

“The Green Economy Partnership was established to create global collaborations that exceed the nominal value of the transactions. We actively work with governments, advising and driving the development of ARR projects that reduce NetZero global climate impact. Our mission also focuses on bolstering social and economic well-being. The alignment with Qatar is meant to create the blueprints for the implementation of a robust framework for the hard to abate sector in utilizing Internationally Transferable Mitigation Outcomes (ITMOs) in alignment with countries’ Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs),” said Sheikh Mansour.

The establishment of GEP’s new headquarters in Doha signals a commitment towards operationalizing Net Zero strategies in the private sector on an economically viable way. GEP’s global stature as a pioneering organization in establishing a carbon elimination standard for carbon removals aligns with the framework under Article 6 of the Paris Agreement.

With the planet’s future at stake, GEP calls on global corporations and government departments to join in taking decisive action to reverse climate change by reducing carbon levels worldwide.

“Qatar’s rapid strides in sustainability are commendable, and GEP’s presence in Doha is a testament to the country’s dedication to achieving its sustainability plans. The international office in Qatar will serve as a hub for collaborative efforts, bringing together diverse stakeholders to address the pressing challenges of our time,” said Arthur Chirkinian, CEO of Green Economy Partnership.

GEP supports and aligns with the Paris Agreement, advocating for comprehensive strategies beyond offsets alone. In line with the Oxford Principles for Net Zero Aligned Carbon Offsetting and other international initiatives, GEP actively advises companies to include Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) in their net-zero strategies.

“We identify carbon removal suppliers from various methodologies and provide them with certification, assuring buyers that they meet our rigorous standards,” said Chirkinian. “Our innovative approach empowers businesses, including hard-to-abate industries, and individuals to take meaningful, measurable action against climate change. Together, we can create a sustainable, resilient future for generations to come.”

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