Forbes top 10 richest people in the World: India's Mukesh Ambani drops down from June list

Take a look at who features on this niche list

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Published: Tue 6 Jun 2023, 8:30 PM

Last updated: Wed 7 Jun 2023, 1:21 PM

Billionaires play a significant role in shaping world economy, they are some of the most powerful people on earth. Forbes puts the number of billionaires in the world at 2,640 in 2023. The wealthiest among them is Bernard Arnault.

The head of luxury conglomerate LVMH earned the No. 1 spot with $214.8 billion in his kitty. Despite the Twitter drama and sliding Tesla shares, Elon Musk is ranked No. 2, with $206.6 billion of assets.

Keeping track of the world's wealth, Forbes, a global media company, regularly updates their list of the world's richest people. Using stock prices and exchange rates, the media firm calculates who holds the world's most wealth.

Mukesh Ambani, once Asia's richest person, ranking 9th on the Forbes' List has dropped to the 13th rank over the past two months.

Take a look at the world's top 10 billionaires, as of June 6, 2023 along with their current net worth:

  1. Bernard Arnault - $214.8 billion
  2. Elon Musk - $206.6 billion
  3. Jeff Bezos - $148.4 billion
  4. Larry Ellison - $133.1 billion
  5. Bill Gates - $115.7 billion
  6. Warren Buffett - $114.9 billion
  7. Larry Page - $106.7 billion
  8. Steve Ballmer - $102.2 billion
  9. Sergey Brin - $101.4 billion
  10. Carlos Slim Helu - $99 billion


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