Welcome to Slowjamastan: Tour this 'new country' on world map and learn about its 'Sultan'

Slowjamastan even has a passport, but one cannot use it to travel anywhere since the self-declared nation has no international recognition


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Screenshot: slowjamastan.org
Screenshot: slowjamastan.org

Published: Thu 15 Jun 2023, 2:12 PM

Last updated: Sat 17 Jun 2023, 11:07 PM

Travelling is a passion for many and some of us wish to always keep globetrotting. But what when you no longer have any new country left to visit? For Randy “R Dub!” Williams from San Diego, US, the answer was to create his own nation. The man, who hosts a radio show at night, has travelled to 193 countries and is now the ‘Sultan’ of Slowjamastan, a self-declared nation.

Introducing Slowjamastan

According to the official website of Slowjamastan, it is “an enclave completely surrounded by American territory” and “accessible from California Highway 78, between the American cities of Ocotillo Wells and Westmoreland, California”.

Slowjamastan has not yet gained any international recognition, but its website says that the "country" has been recognised by the “Sultan’s mom”.

It is located off California State Route 78, a two-and-a-half-hour drive northwest of San Diego, according to a CNN report. "The small plot of land isn’t much more than desert, but Williams has erected an enormous “Welcome to Slowjamastan” sign by the highway, he’s built a border control post and flies the colorful Slowjamastan flag above his ministerial office...," it said.

Screenshot: slowjamastan.org
Screenshot: slowjamastan.org

When was it formed?

The so-called "Republic of Slowjamastan" was created on paper in August 2021 after which Williams acquired land in Imperial County, California, the same year. The website added that Slowjamastan was founded in September 2021 and gained independence on December 1. Today, Slowjamastan has a capital named Dublandia, which has its own anthem, currency, national animal and slogan too. And it uses its own time zone – SST (Slowjamastan Standard Time).

Meet the Sultan of Slowjamastan

The Sultan, Randy Williams, has been hosting radio shows since he was 16 years old and now runs a show called ‘Sunday Night Slow Jams’. An avid traveller, he recently achieved the milestone of visiting “every country in the world” and now rules Slowjamastan.

“When I’m not on the radio, I’m probably traveling to a country most haven’t heard of,” Williams said not long before heading on a trip to Turkmenistan, the final country on his list of 193 UN-recognised nations, according to CNN. “One of the reasons I created Slowjamastan was because, after 193 countries, I wanted a 194th!”

Can you move to Slowjamastan?

"The Republic of Slowjamastan claims over 500 registered citizens, while 4,500 more are said to have been conditionally approved or are waiting in line for citizenship," the CNN article cited above said.

Slowjamastan even has a passport, which has been stamped in 20 countries, but one cannot use it to travel anywhere. And it currently doesn’t have infrastructure like roads, airports, or even houses for residents. The place also has a poor internet connection and work on electricity supply and sewer is still underway.

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