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The App(le) Watch

The Apple Watch has been making a buzz for some time now, what with the recent release of its Watch OS2, and for its efficient role as a fitness tracker, among other things. So we tracked down some useful apps - fitness and others - for the watch. If you own one of these snazzy devices, here are some apps you should get for your wrist

By Mary Paulose

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Published: Thu 26 Nov 2015, 11:00 PM

Last updated: Fri 27 Nov 2015, 9:53 AM


A unique app to help you keep track of your online purchases, especially if you're a regular on Amazon, eBay, and the like. This popular iOS app also makes syncing with the iCloud faster and better now. So whether it's the fancy new gadget you've ordered, the latest bestseller, or new additions to your wardrobe, you'll know when it's enroute and scheduled to arrive in your postbox. Helps build up the excitement of anticipation!


One of those offbeat, habit-building helper apps, this one lets you set six 'habits' or tasks (only six though) for specific times and days of the week, enabling you to keep track of them. Once you're done, you simply tap the complication to mark it done. It keeps stats of your current and best streak. The app generally helps you stay focused and gets the job done, without creating endless task lists.


We're suckers for all new-fangled things, and the 3 Minute Mindfulness app just hits the spot. Mindfulness is the buzzword of the year, and before 2015 runs out, take 3 minutes out every day for the perfect, relaxing breather. It literally guides you through breathing techniques to aid spot-reducing stress and anxiety, and also helps with sleep struggles. Yeah, there's an app for that too!


Who said you can't have fun with your Apple Watch, aside from fitness tracking and health mapping? If you're bored and like puzzle games to fiddle with, Rules! is a kicker. The idea is to clear each set of tiles on the screen by following specific rules given to you, before the clock runs out. Touted as a "brain workout mini game", it's challenging, fast and fun.

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