Men and accessories - how much is too much?

Men and accessories - how much is too much?

Two popular UAE influencers have some style tips for all the gentlemen out there


Janice Rodrigues

Published: Fri 9 Jun 2017, 12:00 AM

Last updated: Fri 16 Jun 2017, 9:52 AM

I tend to keep things simple. It's more about putting together a proper ensemble than relying on accessories to complete your look. For me, it's about getting the foundation right and working from there. I would rather err on the side of caution and be caught wearing too few accessories than too many.
Anything more than a decent watch is too much. That's how haute d'horlogerie brands have made a killing hawking overpriced little pieces - it's because men have, and rightfully so, bought into the idea that they should only spend their money on watches as a primary accessory and nothing else.
A nice bag can be a nice touch, but it really depends on the occasion. What's good is a Louis Vuitton Keepall 45 overnighter if you want to lug stuff around all day. But when you have just your phone and a wallet? You're better off stashing them in your pockets and keeping both of your hands free.
The danger in over accessorising is the more you put on, the higher the risk of making a mistake. I see people who wear a kilogram's worth of bracelets, bangles and beads. There are even some guys who have taken the number of fingers on their hand as an indication of how many rings they should put on. But what does that achieve? Surely, it can't all be a method of self-expression, unless, wearing too many things at once is the message you want to express. You'd be surprised, but more and more men are doing this and they're not even aware of the problem.
So how is a guy, constantly bombarded with all the stimuli of 21st century consumerist culture - more, more, more - supposed to achieve the "adequately elegant" aesthetic? Restraint. Moderation. Balance. These are concepts that don't matter much in the age of millennials, but which are still highly valued among the better-dressed clique. In practical terms, you shouldn't have one of everything. Pick two out of  a watch, bag, bracelet, ring and necklace, and run with them. No two things on the same appendage, though. No gold or anything shiny, either, unless it's an accent. And most importantly, no choker, ever.
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For men, accessories are an expression of their personality. So, whether they want to keep their style simple, sophisticated, hipster or athletic, it is important to know what accessories go with what look. It is also vital that the accessories match what men are wearing and complete the whole look.
From glasses to hats to socks to belts, today there are a hundred different acccesories to help men look their best, but it is not about wearing them all at the same time. In fact, doing so makes it look like one is trying a little too hard.
I think the best way to tell when one is overdoing it with the accessories is when they take over the whole outfit. Even the word 'accessories' means they are supposed to complement one's outfit, not become the outfit.  
It's easier for guys to be a little more experimental nowadays. For example, if you are wearing all black, you can definitely add a little colour to your outfit, but if you are wearing bright colours, then I would suggest you need to ensure you are wearing minimal accessories.
Also, now more than ever, guys can try and opt for patterns when it comes to their bags, hats, shoes or shades, but the ultimate aim is to ensure you are using the right accessories for the event. It shows when you have put effort into your look but don't take yourself too seriously as every accessory has its own set of rules depending on the styles. Here are some tips to help guys pick out the right accessories without going overboard:
· Go for tougher-looking statement pieces, if you are more on the masculine side. It will definitely add an extra edge to the look.
· A great watch says a lot about the character. You would be surprised how well a casual watch would go with practically everything.
· Experiment with eyewear,.That's the easiest change to start with.
· Add a bright or patterned scarf for a special touch. It doesn't necessarily have to match what you are wearing.  
· The key to wearing bracelets is to wear about one or two at the most, and behind your watch. Don't let them dangle.
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