Got any foodie quirks?

Got any foodie quirks?

From complex food-ordering routines to how we like our cuppas infused, everyone has their own hang-ups on how they like to be served. See if you can relate.


Kari Heron

Published: Fri 6 Apr 2018, 12:00 AM

Last updated: Fri 6 Apr 2018, 2:00 AM

As a certified expert in all epicurean fare, I have feasted and fasted with people from all walks of life. As a seasoned home cook and food consultant, I have been elbow-deep in food preparation. As a card-carrying international food blogger, I've had my fingers covered in delectable juices of well-cooked meats from all over the world. As much as I have experienced, cooked, and tasted, there are still some silly little quirky foodie hang-ups I have and I thought it would be fun to share some with you. Maybe you can find yourself in these.
1. Whole chicken or no chicken. I hate to cut up chicken, even though I have step-by-step posts and videos on my blog and YouTube channel demonstrating "how to". The thing is: I can do it very well, but I absolutely cannot stand cutting raw chicken. If I need small pieces, somebody else has to do it. I can, but I won't.

2. Water bottle fetish. I only like to drink my daily water limit out of BPA-free plastic bottles. I can drink water at mealtime from glasses, but for my daily allotment chugging, I have to drink from bottles. Plus, they help me measure so I can drink at least half my body weight (in ounces) of water.

3. In my cup. I make my tea, coffee or herbal tinctures in different cups daily, depending on what mood I am in. I go through phases with different cups and mugs. This makes it tricky for others to bring me a cup of something, but those closest to me usually get it.

4. Fine to the bone. I have a thing for fine bone china. If I could afford to have only fine bone china in my cupboards, I would. Small joys!

5. Expensive baby. When pregnant, I could only drink lemon-flavoured Perrier sparkling water for the first four months. I honestly could not keep anything else down. It is no surprise that my son is quite a little epicure in his own right and also fancies what he calls "spicy water".

6. Sharing is caring. I love to share meals at home, family-style. If everyday could be a buffet, it would be. I love to see the table set with different dishes in assorted plates and bowls in the centre. Even if the portions are small. This is something I learnt from my Filipino friends in the UAE and have added it to my own lifestyle.

7. Tea party-hearty. My favourite teas are green. I love green tea, matcha, jasmine green and oolong. I drink them both hot and iced, except for jasmine and oolong, which I only have hot. I drink my hot teas with nothing added, except for an occasional squeeze of lemon in my green tea, but I add lots of lemon and Stevia to my iced teas.

8. Best for last. The last bite of any meal must have some protein. I know some people who eat all their meat then eat everything else but I just have to save the best for last.

9. Feast and famine. As much as I love food, I also love abstaining from it. Fasting is part of my lifestyle for spiritual reasons. As food feeds my body (and palate), fasting feeds my spirit. 

10. Getting hot in here. I am a "soupaholic". It may well be the weirdest thing about Caribbean people. We are from a hot (at times temperate) region, but we love soup, all day, every day. And it must be piping hot! In fact, I have a pot of osso bucco-cut beef shins simmering in my pressure cooker as I write this, which will be the stock base for my Filipino Bulalo Bone broth.

11. Can I take your order? I have the most intricate and detailed fast food orders. Have you ever watched the cult classic When Harry Met Sally? I am that girl. Let's just say I know what I want. It is never simply "a number 1" for me. It has to be "a number 1, no onions, no bread, protein-style, coleslaw instead of fries and make that drink without ice, please."

12. Respect due. When I am invited to eat with others in their homes, I eat as they do. If they eat off banana leaves, so do I. If they eat rice with spoons, so do I. If they eat with their hands, so do I. If they eat on the backs of their forks, deftly cutting with their knives, so do I. When in Rome.. I do as Romans do. I strongly believe that eating with people is a sacred act and eating as they do allows me to pay my respects for the pleasure of their company.
So, what are some of your fun foodie quirks? Write in and let us know!

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