Apps to help you go green

A screenshot of the #climate app
A screenshot of the #climate app

Where environmental impact is concerned, every little bit counts. So it doesn't matter if you're trying to effect a 'green' change at home or out in the real world, Mother Nature thanks you. Meanwhile, here are some apps to help the tech-savvy, eco-friendly do-gooder in you!

Paper by FiftyThree
Trying not to waste paper? Use this app to create checklists (they've got a great swipe-to-style formatting that lets you create lists faster!), sketch diagrams with ease, and spotlight or annotate details in photos - saving you time and, of course, paper. Plus, you can share your ideas as PDFs, Powerpoints or more.

If you've seen one too many climate change videos and want to attempt a more sustainable lifestyle, this app gives you the tools you need to be a 'climate hero' by tracking your carbon footprint - from your home energy utilisation to diet and transportation decisions. You can also get personalised tips on how to lower your carbon footprint score - and even start friendly competitions with family and friends.

If you'd like your kids to be more environmentally-savvy, this new game from NASA can help them get there. Kids will learn about the difficulties of carbon dioxide emissions, as they try to block as many CO2 balls from releasing into the atmosphere - all while accumulating resources to save the environment. It's educational, it's challenging and it's fun!

A customisable app, it keeps you up to date on all the efforts taken by organisations in the direction of climate change around the world. You can use the platform to share the information you learn and advocate for your favourite causes on your social media channels to garner more support for the same.

- Compiled by Karen Ann Monsy

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