Adventurous Odyssey

Bikram Vohra couldn’t have sketched a better picture of air travel (I love plane trips…, Nov 11). Ironically, as much as I hate aeroplanes, I have the fattest passport at home.

My home country cheers you up with free souvenirs during take-off in the form of mosquitoes that keep you busy throughout the journey. The airhostess then goes on to spray the most putrid air freshener in the world, with a mile-long grin, that only stimulates your histamine production! After a long wait to reach your seat, an old man walks up requesting an exchange of seats as he is scared to leave his ‘adult’ child alone. Courtesy wins and your seat happens to be hugging the latrine! You try connecting the headphones only to discover the impeccable system in your armrest is out of order. Ear plugs fail to function when the passenger beside you suffers travel sickness. If all this isn’t enough to raise your hackles, you find your suitcase waiting at arrivals with its mouth wide open because of a “routine security check!”

Congratulations, Aisha Fatima (Abu Dhabi), on your winning entry! We will be in touch with you shortly.


Recently, I was asked to conduct a workshop for the teachers in the school where my children study. When I saw the aptly illustrated article ‘From There to Here’ in wknd., I decided to show it to the teachers so as to motivate them to create a learner-friendly classroom and thus, win over the hearts of parents as Melinda experienced on the Open Day (Planet Mom, Nov 11). As a teacher, I too wish to create an atmosphere that is as learner-friendly as that which Mrs Moreheart has created. The ultimate wish of parents is that their kids enjoy the learning environment in the school and we, as teachers, are responsible for giving it our best.

Stanislaus A., Oman

star power

Mega stars and mega bucks made it clear that audiences can safely be taken for a ride by mere star power alone (Pursuits, Nov 11). Sanghvi was lucky not to have viewed Ra.One. Many unfortunate souls like myself rushed to the theatre for the much-awaited release — only to sit through an ordeal of poor direction and unnecessary drama in a sci-fi flick. The movie was hyped and promoted enough for Indians all over the world not to miss the first day’s show though. Lesson learnt from Ra.One — superstars with super money don’t necessarily make super movies.

Rummana Abid, Doha


Your review on The Ivy restaurant caught my attention as I had been there just the night before (Escape to London, Nov 11). What a wonderful restaurant for great food, amazing decor and staff with such nice personalities. I completely agree that a trip to The Ivy is like being transported to London at a very reasonable price. However, I wouldn’t say The Ivy is ‘fine dining’. It is much more friendly and relaxed, and I’d strongly recommend people try it for themselves. The Thai-baked sea bass and sticky pudding are superb!

Susan Smith, Dubai

Skin secrets

The article Turning back time points to the need for skin care for everyone, especially men (Nov 11). One cannot afford to ignore the harmful effects of the environmental toxins and pathogens that our skin is always exposed to these days. In a way, it also helped to break the barrier of taboos and misconceptions that we had about the galaxy of skin care products until now. One thing is sure: following these tips is bound to make wknd. readers identifiable by their healthy and radiant skin in no time at all!

Partha Lal, Sharjah

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