'Being a woman is not a negative in business, it is your superpower': Hannah Curran

Being a woman is not a negative in business, it is your superpower: Hannah Curran

The founder and CEO of Pure Born on her journey to success

How do you start your day?
A typical day starts with giving thanks. No matter what's going on, I remind myself of all my blessings and this really helps me start my day right. The last few years have been both exciting and terrifying and I find that taking that moment to appreciate where I am, what I have achieved and where I am going helps me centre myself and take on the day!
Describe your work in a sentence.
My job is in equal parts, challenging, refreshing, interesting and frustrating, but at the same time, I get to feel like I'm making an impact on the world.
Which is the favourite aspect of your job?
The creativity and excitement of the unknown that comes with ambition. I started Pure Born as a small e-commerce business and went knocking on doors to find a bricks and mortar retailer. Now, less than three years later, more than 40 per cent of our sales come from online. As I grow and learn as a person, my company grows and so does my ambition and creativity. My goal is to create an e-commerce business that delivers the very best in ethical lifestyle to people's homes, helping them live better.
What has been your most challenging experience and how did you resolve it?
I face new challenges almost on a daily basis. The biggest everyday challenge is probably managing my own expectations and being patient! I have a vision of where I want Pure Born to go and in my mind, there is no time to waste!
What advice would you give your younger self, if you could?
Don't lose yourself - you do not owe your business your life. Take time for what's important - family, friends and make time for the things and people you enjoy. Sometimes, I have to remind myself of this. It's all too easy to get caught up in work, but since I had my son, my priorities have most definitely shifted.
How do you maintain a work:life balance?
My son gives me a work-life balance. Before him, I didn't have one. He has reminded me of what is important in life. Everything I do, I do for him.
Any advice for youngsters just getting into the professional arena?
The trick is fall forward, there is no such thing as a bad lesson. Mistakes are a reality; we all make them and we all move on. Be prepared for challenges, that is where we learn. Also, being a woman is not a negative in business, it is your superpower. Learn how to harness it and use it to break the glass ceiling.
A person you think would make for a good role model - and why?
I take inspiration from many entrepreneurs; most aren't in the public eye, but are in my close network and support.
What is your greatest dream, professionally?
I want to develop my skills as an entrepreneur. I learn something every day and aim to grow my experience across all industries. Pure Born has expanded quickly and my greatest dream is to be a global player across multiple categories to bring people safe, eco-friendly and affordable lifestyle products.
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