10 things to rewire this New Year’s Eve

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Published: Wed 29 Dec 2021, 4:38 PM

I have been a fan of journaling ever since I read the much loved war classic The Diary of Anne Frank. A private journal of a Jewish teenager, Anne wrote about her family’s time in hiding during World War II. This book greatly impacted me as a young girl, motivating me to start writing a diary. Even though I don’t necessarily journal every day, there’s one day in the year that I never miss — New Year’s eve. Over the years, it has become my own personal tradition to sit by myself and reflect on the year gone by. It gives me the golden moment to reflect and reset. Even if you aren’t a fan of journaling, here are ideas on how you can reflect and reset on the very special day of New Year’s eve.

By Delna Anand

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1. On the lessons learnt

Challenging times are our greatest teachers. What did the difficult times this year show you? How did it change you?

Remember the anecdote about three things thrown into a pot of boiling water — a carrot, an egg and coffee beans. The carrot softened, the egg boiled, but the coffee released flavour. Now apply this analogy to your life and ponder over who you become in your darkest hour — do you wilt and lose your spirit like the carrot, do you harden or become cynical like the egg? Or are you more like the coffee bean, which actually changes the hot water itself, the very circumstance that brings the pain? When the water boils, the coffee bean releases fragrance and flavour.

2. On what you stand for

Your decisions determine your destiny. What are the big decisions you made this year? How did they change your life? Even not taking a decision is a decision. Did you choose to take up a course? Stay in the same job? Start a business? Get married? Get back to work? Are you proud of your decisions?

3. On your relationship with yourself

Have you supported and allowed yourself to grow and succeed? Or are you standing in your own way? What is holding you back? What is your fear telling you — differentiate if it’s a warning sign, or just negative self-talk and self-doubt.

Learn to truly look after yourself, mind, body and spirit, and learn to listen to your inner voice.

4. On how it can get better

A good question to ask yourself is — ‘how can I make things better/easier for myself’? Would a half hour morning walk help with your fitness? Would a regular date-night with your spouse improve your relationship? Would a detailed savings plan help your finances? Reflect on each area of your life, and what you can do to make it even slightly better.

5. On the accomplishments

Every milestone is worth celebrating. Take your time and bring back to your mind every accomplishment, no matter how big or small. Acknowledge yourself for it, celebrate it. The Universe loves a celebration, and will bring you more to celebrate.


1. Excess baggage

“All excess baggage comes with a price”. Take your time to identify your excess baggage. Is it your lack of being able to draw boundaries with people? Is it your unresolved grief? Is it your constant self-nagging and self-discouragement? Identify it and release it.

2. Chew your water, drink your food

According to ancient Ayurveda, this means sip water slowly so that your saliva goes down along with the water; and your food should be chewed 32 time. A good habit if you wish to improve gut health.

3. Mindful consumption

Our consumption is not only what we eat and drink but also what we watch, what we listen to, the media we consume and our environment. Be mindful of what is uplifting and beneficial, and what is toxic.

4. Self-Talk

Start being kind to yourself. Your inner dialogue and words used in conversation with yourself, can change your life. Throw in some high vibration words, and show yourself some love.

5. Good habits

Introduce good habits in small ways; get morning sunlight, learn how to do yoga, learn to meditate, write a journal, eat home food, laugh often and wholly.


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