Video: Life is wading back into normalcy in Kalba

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Kalba - Workers from the municipality worked round the clock to drain out the flooded water off the corniche.

By Abhishek Sengupta

Published: Thu 31 Oct 2019, 5:44 AM

Last updated: Thu 31 Oct 2019, 10:39 AM

Life in Kalba is slowly getting back on track, two days after high tidal waves rocked the eastern coastal city past Sunday midnight.
As winds blew moderately on Wednesday evening, scores of evening fitness enthusiasts took to the Kalba Beach Park, a popular family spot for weekend holiday makers.
"It's the first time I see a crowd like this since the high waves rocked the city," a fruit juice vendor told Khaleej Times on Wednesday evening.

Big pools of muddied seawater and filled up trenches dotted the Kalba Corniche - the trails of destruction left behind by tropical Cyclone Kyarr that caused the high waves to flood the roads, affecting several houses in the port city.
"Monday was worse when the waves had just hit this part of town in the early hours. Scores of us were all over the area pumping out water. Much of that job is now done," said Mahmood, 30, who works at the Kalba Municipality in between one such 'pumping operation'. "We have been relentless as a team and that should tell you why things are beginning to look normal now," added the Pakistani, ascribing it to how he and his colleagues have been on an overdrive since Kyarr unleashed its fury past Sunday midnight.
Thomas, an Indian carpenter in a shop not far from the Kalba Corniche, said his neighbourhood has changed almost overnight. "Streams of seawater have been flowing through the corniche for the last 48 hours or so and it's the same along the whole coastal stretch," he said.
Meanwhile, some roads near the coastal areas were closed following high waves that resulted in water entering inland in the aftermath of the cyclone.

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