Victory will be ours in Yemen: UAE soldiers

Victory will be ours in Yemen: UAE soldiers
Rule of Ras Al Khaimah visits injured Emirati soldiers at Zayed Military Hospital.

Published: Wed 9 Sep 2015, 12:00 AM

Last updated: Thu 10 Sep 2015, 3:31 AM

The big loss of 45 brave sons of the UAE might have shattered many minds but not their fellowmen, who were injured in the same attack.
Those injured in last Friday's attack in Yemen said in one voice: We can never forget the value of priceless blood they had shed to uphold justice.
The injured Emirati soldiers also said that victory in the ongoing Saudi-led coalition's Operation Restore Hope is much closer than before.
Essam Al Tunaiji, 31, who joined service in the UAE Armed Forces 14 years ago, told Khaleej Times that Emirati soldiers are geared up to make an astounding victory, and get rid of the powers of darkness and terrorism.
"We will make it. Yes, we can with faith, determination and devotion to our visionary leadership and beloved country. The only thing that can hold me back is death as our nation is so valuable to us and we are here after a right cause."
Other injured soldiers hospitalised for treatment joined Essam in taking a vow to continue the ongoing mission, and join the ongoing operation in Yemen again.
They said their souls and blood will never be more precious than those of their martyred colleagues who sacrificed themselves while performing their duty and defending right and justice.
The utmost compassion and care they found from both the UAE leaders and people have made them more resilient and asked their leaders to send them back to the war, particularly as signs of victory are everywhere.
Another injured soldier, 31-year-old Nabil Salem Gharib, insisted on offering condolences to the families and relatives of his martyred fellow despite his injuries.
"I refused to leave my position inspite of my injuries, and vowed to receive no treatment until I take revenge for the dear martyrs, and restore hope and stability to brotherly Yemeni people, but came here to comfort the families of the martyrs."
The morale of everybody is up so high, mainly as the Saudi-led Arab coalition has significantly conquered the 'gangsters and rebels' there in Yemen, he added.
"We have left our country to answer the call of duty."
Gharib affirmed that he shall remain in the forefront and can never forget the priceless blood of his brave fellow soldiers.
"His Highness the late Shaikh Zayed has implanted the seeds of love, sacrifice and loyalty in our souls and hearts."
Mansur Al Shehi, one of the UAE injured soldiers based in Ras Al Khaimah, said they are so strong and brave.
"Such insignificant attacks are nothing when compared to the outstanding victory we have made."
Al Shehi has asked their seniors to send them back to Yemen to complete their sacred mission.
"We shall always remain in the service of beloved country and nation, and hereby promise our leaders to prevail."
Ali Al Braik, 32-year-old from Ras Al Khaimah and father of three sons, said his injuries would never stop him from completing his mission.
"More Yemeni refugees are returning home due to the exceptional work the coalition is doing there in Yemen."
The blood of the martyrs is a big responsibility, he added.
"We have vowed to remember their pure blood and matchless sacrifice until we win through and give right back to its people."
Ali Al Shehi, 36, also from Ras Al Khaimah, said he is so proud to be part of the UAE Armed Forces which are rather a limitless source of pride for all Emiratis.
"Our mission is to restore legitimacy in Yemen, and support the oppressed people there."
The unique compassion of the UAE prudent leaders, as well as Emirati nationals and residents has made them get well in a short time, he added.
"Therefore, we have asked our seniors to send us back to the front lines."

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