UAE rains: Oil slick near cars in flooded areas add to residents' worry

With hundreds of vehicles abandoned on the road and motorists assessing their cars, fear mounts of further damage




SM Ayaz Zakir

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Oil slick. KT Photos: Shihab
Oil slick. KT Photos: Shihab

Published: Thu 18 Apr 2024, 3:18 PM

Last updated: Fri 19 Apr 2024, 1:08 AM

As the UAE begins to assess damages to homes and businesses and clear waterlogged roads after a rare rainstorm that inundated the country, residents in Sharjah now face an additional worry: oil slick on a waterlogged road.

This new concern has risen on Al Wahda Road, near the Al Khan interchange, adding to the anxieties of people already grappling with the impact of the April 16 storm. According to residents, the slick has led to oil contaminating the flooded roads, worsening the already challenging situation.

Ahmed, a Sharjah resident who had come to inspect his abandoned car on Al Wahda Road, said: “We observed a dark liquid floating on top of the stagnant water. When I touched the liquid, I felt it to be motor engine oil. The slick spans nearly a kilometre in one direction."

He added, “We are worried, as a tiny spark can cause unimaginable damage."

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Fahad and another resident who had come to inspect his vehicle expressed concern about the additional damage the oil slick could cause. “We have already suffered significant losses due to the flooding, and now we must consider the repercussions of the oil slick on both our vehicles and health,” said Fahad, who works in the automotive industry.

Watch the oil slick in the below video captured by Shihab:

“The oil can potentially corrode the paint of cars abandoned on the streets, as motor oil acts as a thinner on car paint. Also, prolonged contact with the oil may cause skin disorder,” Fahad explained.

With hundreds of cars abandoned on the road and residents gathering to assess their vehicles, fear is mounting for further damage. They fear the consequences of the oil slick and are waiting on the clean-up efforts.


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