UAE: 6cm cyst removed from 26-week pregnant woman

This minimally invasive surgical technique involves using small incisions through which surgeons insert a tiny camera and specialised surgical tools


Ashwani Kumar

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Published: Fri 24 May 2024, 7:27 PM

Last updated: Sat 25 May 2024, 10:15 AM

Doctors used a modified ‘Hasson entry technique’ to successfully perform a complex surgery removing a six-cm large ovarian cyst from a 26-year-old woman with severe pain and complications at 26 weeks in her pregnancy.

Layla (name changed upon request), an expat patient from the region, was in unbearable pain as she arrived at M42’s Danat Al Emarat Hospital for Women and Children.

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A series of diagnostics scans, including an MRI, revealed a sizeable ovarian cyst. With Layla’s persistent symptoms and suspicion of ovarian torsion – the potential to twist on their axes – an urgent surgery was recommended by Dr Mohammed Kattan, a urogynaecologist and benign gynaecology laparoscopic surgeon. Layla gave her consent after she was informed of the risks involved.

According to the doctor, the surgical procedure posed a tough challenge, with the cyst’s size and positioning calling for a laparoscopic approach. This minimally invasive surgical technique involves surgeons using small incisions through which they insert a tiny camera and specialised surgical tools. It allows them to perform surgeries inside the body with fewer cuts and faster recovery times compared to traditional open surgeries.

Hasson entry technique

Dr Kattan described a modified ‘Hasson entry technique’ used in laparoscopic surgery, employing recorded vision and step-by-step layering to access the uterus. In navigating the tight confines of Layla’s abdomen, Dr Kattan demonstrated intricate manoeuvres aided by specialised equipment and collaborative efforts from the theatre team. Through a modified entry technique and strategic port placements, the surgical team managed the complexities from dissecting tissues to detaching the cyst.

Dr Kattan lauded the collaborative spirit of his team to ensure a safe and successful outcome for both mother and the unborn.

“We created the right environment for Layla to put her trust in us. And she felt it. She appreciated our approach, where we prioritised working closely together to ensure her entire needs were met, for both herself and her unborn baby, during what could have been a traumatic time.”

After the operation, she needed a few weeks of recovery. She later visited Dr Kattan with her newborn.

“When I reviewed my case with doctors abroad, they all spoke highly of Dr Kattan’s work and emphasised that it’s an extremely complex surgery. I think my recovery took a few weeks. It was a different kind of pain afterwards because of the surgery. But the pain that I went in for was gone like that,” she underlined.


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