'The real Aladdin': Meet Emirati magician, mentalist who is breaking barriers

Initially afraid of societal judgement, Moein adopted a different persona and concealed his true passion


Waad Barakat

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Moein Al Bastaki during a performance. KT Photos: Muhammad Sajjad
Moein Al Bastaki during a performance. KT Photos: Muhammad Sajjad

Published: Fri 29 Dec 2023, 10:16 AM

Last updated: Sun 31 Dec 2023, 3:07 PM

In a world where wonder and fascination intertwine, Moein Al Bastaki, the first Emirati magician and mentalist, takes the stage to astound audiences with his captivating live magic show. With a unique blend of illusions and mind-reading, Moein has become a true sensation, leaving crowds in awe and children and adults alike with their minds blown.

During his performances, Moein encounters astonishing questions from women, such as "Can you make my husband disappear?" and questions from men like “Can you read my wife's mind?”. Through his incredible talent, he attempts to delve into the depths of everyone's thoughts, creating a highly engaging experience for all.

Khaleej Times interviewed Moein after one of his awe-inspiring shows and asked how he handles mistakes or unexpected situations during a live performance.

The magician explained that he doesn't view them as mistakes but as opportunities for entertainment. His primary goal is to provide an enjoyable experience for everyone rather than claiming to possess supernatural powers. Moein even goes a step ahead and offers his tricks as products and gifts, encouraging those interested to learn and explore the art of magic.

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What sets Moein apart is his genuine passion for teaching magic to people of all ages. Whether it's a 4-year-old child or an adult, Moein believes that magic has no age limit. He strives to break the monotony of daily routines and transport his audience into a world of endless possibilities. It is no wonder that Moein has earned the moniker of "The Real Aladdin".

Moein's show, hosted at the prestigious Winter Garden in Dubai, situated across Habtoor Palace at the night of December 28, was an extraordinary experience. Unlike his usual half-hour performances, this show offered an extended duration to entertain the audience to the fullest. Moein's unique blend of mentalism and illusion sets him apart from other magicians. He effortlessly combines visual wonders with mind-boggling tricks, captivating the audience's attention and making them an integral part of the show, whether they are children or adults.

Moein advises parents to encourage their children to learn magic. Magic not only boosts confidence but also helps children break out of their shells, making them popular among their peers. Moein also encourages parents themselves to learn magic, as it adds a touch of excitement and breaks the monotony of daily gatherings.

“Teach the kids magic, give them the an opportunity to be the popular kid at school who knows how to do magic tricks,” Moein advices the parents.

Moein's journey in magic hasn't always been smooth. Initially afraid of societal judgement, he adopted a different persona and concealed his true passion. However, as he gained recognition, he embraced his Emirati identity and proudly wore his traditional kandora. This decision made him stand out and established his unique brand.

"People want the dangers, the flavour on top," Moein remarks. His relentless dedication to his craft keeps him at the top of his game, ensuring that every performance is a mesmerizing spectacle that leaves the audience craving for more.

Moein Al Bastaki is not just an exceptional magician and mentalist; he is a cultural icon, breaking barriers and bewitching audiences worldwide. His journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring magicians and a testament to the power of embracing one's true identity while pursuing their passion.


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