UAE: Meet the women who get to call residents up, tell them they've won millions of dirhams

Nasab Yehya from Emirates Draw, Garima Ahuja from Mahzooz and Kinda Shehab from Idealz deliver the good news to people who win


SM Ayaz Zakir

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From left: Garima Ahuja, Nasab Yehya and Kinda Shehab.
From left: Garima Ahuja, Nasab Yehya and Kinda Shehab.

Published: Fri 8 Sep 2023, 2:16 PM

Last updated: Thu 16 Nov 2023, 1:17 PM

Their call is eagerly awaited by many residents every weekend, and it has the power to completely change people's lives. With a heartwarming smile and a knack for delivering good news, they change fortunes and spread joy with a simple phone call.

Nasab Yehya from Emirates Draw, Garima Ahuja from Mahzooz and Kinda Shehab from Idealz deliver the good news to people who win.

Delivering joy and excitement to people is an incredible opportunity, said Yehya. Every week, these women turn people's dreams into reality and make a lasting impact. “This responsibility, to me, is immeasurable and truly priceless,” said Yehya.

However, some winners believe but some believe it to be a prank call. “Every call to a winner is a unique burst of emotion. Their reactions differ, but most often they're overwhelmed with joy, showing in screams, laughter, or even heartfelt tears,” said Yehya.

Before making the call, Emirates Draw sends winners a congratulatory email as a confirmation. “I call the winners later, to inform them that they have won with us and in case they missed the email. If they have already read the email before my call, they respond with enthusiasm and happiness. If not, normally their first reaction would be shock, is this a scam or disbelief?,” said Yehya.

For Yehya, a few calls forever remain engraved in her memory. "My call with Russell Tuazon from the Philippines, one of our EASY6 game Grand Prize winners of Dh15 million. After announcing on our show that we had a Grand Prize winner, I immediately called him to inform him of his win. Unfortunately, he was sleeping, and I had awakened him with the exciting news. He was in disbelief as he repeatedly said: 'Am I dreaming? Is this a dream?' Clearly, his voice echoed mixed emotions. I will forever recall this call,” said Yehya.

These dream weavers also have memorable or touching moments during their conversations with the winners. “Out of all the talks I've had, one stands out. I spoke to a Raffle Winner, a man from a simple background who struggled to buy milk for his baby. Even with his problems, he kept participating in the draw, hoping to win for better days. When I told him he won, it was a big moment for both of us. It's moments like these that show how important my job is, and how it can transform lives,” said Yehya.

Garima Ahuja is a customer service supervisor at EWINGS, operator of Mahzooz, co-managing a large team of customer service and winners’ management agents. She serves as the initial point of contact, delivering the life-changing news to the fortunate winners. “Being the bearer of good news and bringing joy and excitement to the winners' lives through that first phone call is incredibly fulfilling. It's an honour to be part of giving good news to people for a better life."

Garima said when she calls to inform the winners of their win, they typically react with a mix of shock, disbelief, and overwhelming happiness. “Most become speechless, while others start laughing in disbelief, expressing their gratitude and excitement through tears of joy,”

Immediate emotions and responses vary for Garima, “but I've often observed expressions of astonishment, shock, and gratitude. Many of our winners come from very humble backgrounds and merely having the opportunity to live and work in the UAE is an achievement in itself,” said Garima.

“When you couple that with the life-changing top prize of Dh20 million, the situation becomes almost surreal and too magical to fathom. While not all winners have concrete plans for their prize money, others, especially those facing financial hardships or have loved family members battling illness at home, immediately pledge to use their newfound wealth to support ailing family members or clear off their debt. This makes me happy to know that we are having a tangible impact on many deserving lives,” added Garima.

There have been countless memorable moments for her. One call that stands out for her is when a fortunate Dh10 million winner said that she and her husband were barely making ends meet and were struggling to put food on the table as the husband had lost his job, and she did not receive her salary for four months. “When we relayed the life-changing news, tears of gratitude flowed, and she started thanking God for the blessing. According to the winner, the prize was way more than she ever expected and prayed for. As I listened, my eyes welled up with tears, and I couldn't help but feel genuinely happy for both of them,” said Garima.

Another good news giver, Kinda Shehab, who is also the presenter and communications manager at Idealz, said that she is delighted to transform people's lives with a single phone call, leaving a lasting impression of happiness. “The joy isn't limited to the winner alone but extends to their families and beyond, and this is what drives me and the rest of the team to keep doing what we’re doing,” said Shehab, adding that she makes these joyous phone calls about 50 times a week.

Shehab said that they have encountered various emotional moments, “but one particular winner's story stands out. Upon learning of his Dh500,000 win, he couldn't hold back tears, repeatedly saying: 'Today, I can finally fulfill my daughter's lifelong dream of studying medicine, a dream I couldn't finance before',” said Shehab adding that the most common reaction is one of disbelief and shock.

Shehab's most memorable moment was one of the Apartment winners. “Overwhelmed and in complete shock, the winner shared that she had been attempting for a while to secure housing for herself and her children. When she visited us to claim her prize, tears flowed with laughter, and she could barely find words to express her gratitude,” said Shehab.


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