UAE: Can a father sponsor only his daughter, not the entire family?

A Dubai resident facing financial issues asks if he can sponsor only his daughter in the country


Ashish Mehta

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Published: Sun 23 Jul 2023, 8:30 AM

Last updated: Sun 23 Jul 2023, 4:53 PM

Question: I work for a Dubai mainland company. My salary is over Dh10,000. Is it allowed to sponsor only my daughter so that she could stay with me, and study as I cannot sponsor the entire family (my wife and my sons) – due to financial issues? Please guide.

Answer: Pursuant to your queries, as you are a resident of the UAE and wish to sponsor your daughter’s residency in the UAE, the provisions of Federal Decree Law No. 29 of 2021 Regarding the Entry and Residence of Foreigners are applicable.

In the UAE, an individual who is a resident may sponsor his immediate family members for a UAE residency visa. This is in accordance with Article 9 of the UAE Immigration Law, which states, “A foreigner who has obtained a residence permit in the State may sponsor his family members in accordance with the controls and conditions determined in the Executive Regulations of this Decree-Law.”

Moreover, a UAE resident who earns a monthly salary of Dh4,000 without accommodation or Dh3,000 with accommodation in the UAE may sponsor his unmarried daughter in the UAE.

It is assumed that your daughter is unmarried and therefore you may sponsor her residency in the UAE as your salary is above Dh10,000. Alternatively, if your daughter is seeking admission to an educational institution in UAE for her higher studies, then she may apply through relevant channels to obtain an admission letter from a university or educational institution in the UAE.

Thereafter, if your daughter is admitted to an institution in UAE, the concerned educational institution or university may make necessary arrangements to obtain her UAE residence visa from the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) – Dubai or the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Port Security depending on whether your daughter is applying in Dubai or any other emirate of the UAE. Your daughter may also consider applying for Golden Visa if she is eligible for the same under the student category.

For more clarifications on this matter, you may contact the GDRFA.

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