Kids can learn a lot from reading fiction: Leading bookseller

High-school student Tasneem believes that the imagery that authors create cannot be compared to anything else


Leslie Wilson Jr

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Students browse through a book at KT UniExpo on Thursday. Photo by Muhammad Sajjad / Khaleej Times
Students browse through a book at KT UniExpo on Thursday. Photo by Muhammad Sajjad / Khaleej Times

Published: Thu 16 May 2024, 11:40 PM

If you thought that reading books was on the decline among today’s youth you could be wrong.

Even though children are not bored enough to pick up a book, with the amount of information at their disposal through the internet, there is a vast section who are still intrigued by the adventure that only a book can provide.

DC Books are participating in the KT UniExpo and are reporting an encouraging number of students browsing through the literature on offer at the event before they purchase a book at the end of the day.

“Reading will never go out of style,” said Hussain Mohammed Taj, head of sales at DC Books. “While it is accepted that we are competing with the internet, books have a charm of their own and we are happy to spread that message, which we have been doing quite successfully.

“We target the younger generation who are more curious about books. As you can see, we have a wide range of literature on offer. Books also help provide a platform for a cultural exchange of tastes between kids who like to recommend or talk about a certain book they have recently read,” he added.

“There are immense opportunities to get kids back to reading and making it a habit.”

While statistics reveal that reading has been endangered for several years since the internet revolution. And the numbers are dropping every year. However reading a book for pleasure during your spare time is still popular provided children have access to good books, through public libraries or bookshops and with the right upbringing.

Tasneem from the Amity Private School in Sharjah was willing to share her thoughts on the habit of ‘good’ reading.

“I think you can’t compare reading to anything else,” she says. “Every page excites me and my imagination is running wild. The imagery that the authors create is mesmerising. I have read every Harry Potter book, at least once. They are amazing.”

We can’t thank British author JK Rowling for helping revive the art of reading with the seven spectacular original Harry Potter books that have been sold worldwide in over 80 different languages making them accessible to different cultures and nationalities.

Amazon Books has also contributed significantly to the spurt in reading among today’s youngsters and over the past few years have already topped their pre-orders for printed novels and literature.

“Harry Potter novels are still a big seller,” said Hussain. “Millions of kids have read the Hogwarts stories around the world and are a favourite in our bookshop as well.

“Fiction stories also educate and books like Harry Potter and the author Roald Dahl, who is the creator of iconic characters like Matilda and Willy Wonka, help in mind development. As long as kids have access to books, we are happy and happy to help in their educational development,” he added.

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