HR specialist's tip: Keep learning, find your passion

HR specialists tip: Keep learning, find your passion
Tariq bin Qafleh. - Supplied photo

Sandhya D'Mello

Published: Tue 10 Sep 2019, 11:00 PM

Last updated: Wed 11 Sep 2019, 1:05 AM

Tariq bin Qafleh, a photographer and a full-time HR specialist at a private firm, believes that every company should encourage UAE nationals to work in all sectors - be it a desk job or one that requires them to be out in the field.
"Such encouragement can help boost Emiratis' work experience in an extremely competitive environment," he said.
Most of Qafleh's work experience required him to do operation work, so he encountered his biggest challenge when he moved to human resource.
"I had no clue what human resource is at the beginning and I thought that I had made mistake," he said. Tasks had not been easy at first but that was also the time he realised that he would learn a lot by getting out of his comfort zone.
"Thanks to my manager who believed in me and pushed me to learn, I reached the level where I am currently. What I understood from this is that nothing is impossible, as long as you are determined to achieve your goals and be positive about it," said Qafleh, who is 38 years old.
Besides exploring the jobs in the market, Qafleh advises other Emiratis to find their passion, from which a business venture could start.
"Nothing is better like loving what you do. In that way, you will do the unimaginable to achieve your dreams," he said.
Upon discovering his passion for photography, Qafleh scoured YouTube for tutorials and learnt how to capture striking images.
"I developed by my hobby of photography two years back, when I literally knew nothing about cameras."
Now, he is running his own business based on photography. "It was my dream to own a business that is focused on something that I love to do. All thanks to the UAE for giving us the opportunities we need to turn our passion and talent into a business that allows us to contribute to the UAE's economy," Qafleh added. -

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