Four drunk men try to rob jewellery shop in UAE

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Fujairah - The group has gone on trial.

Published: Sun 25 Aug 2019, 2:04 PM

Last updated: Mon 26 Aug 2019, 8:39 AM

Four young Arab men stood trial at the the Fujairah Criminal Court for allegedly trying to rob a jewellery shop in the emirate.
They told the court that they didn't intend to do the crime and was just "under the influence of alcohol".
All residents of Dubai, the men reportedly went on a weekend getaway and drove to a hotel apartment in Fujairah, with a storage box full of liquor in tow, court records show.
They allegedly drank through the night, until they got too intoxicated that they decided to rob the jewellery shop near the hotel they were staying in.
They waited until the street was clear and attempted to break into the shop.
They parked their car in front of the store and broke its door open using an iron bar.
However, a passerby saw them and reported the robbery bid to the police.
The authorities rushed to the site and caught the accused in the act.
The group was then taken into police custody and referred to the public prosecution, which charged them with attempted robbery, as well as possessing and consuming alcohol.
The four defendants appeared in court and told the jury that they did not mean to rob the shop.
"We are under the influence of liquor," they said.
The verdict is expected to be issued in the next court hearing.

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